Should gun owners in D.C. be required to buy liability insurance?

  • Yes we should

    Having weaponry in our hands is important even though we use them for the bad and good things like robbing a store or saving someone from a murderer. With Obama trying to take away our wright to bare arms we should stand against this and make it so we can own our own type of weaponry instead of trying to make the make our government take our guns away. And if they do ever succeed us the people who obey the rules we won’t have any sort of protection except a knife maybe but we don’t have the range like they do u have to throw the knife or charge them. Haven’t you heard the phrase “never bring a knife to a gun fight”?

  • Of course I think everyone should!

    Most definitely gun owners in D.C. Should have to buy liability insurance. There is so much that can happen with guns that there needs to be some form of protection and liability from the gun owners. There are too many accidents that don't go accounted for or acknowledged and that is unacceptable.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    They should not be required to, but it should certainly be an option. Guns are always something of a tricky topic with so much controversy attached to them, but I don't feel the need to place more insurance payment on an individual for exercising their rights under the constitution which allow people to own weaponry.

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