• Everyone should be trained

    Too many people use fear as a reason to restrict gun ownership. People are afraid that they will be shot and killed if the rest of society had more guns. People are naturally afraid of things they do not understand. Training everyone to use a firearm would help them understand that guns are not dangerous until a person intends to use it. Guns are a reality that should not be ignored and compulsory gun ownership with training is the best way to protect people from other people who would abuse their gun rights.

  • Think about it.

    Owning a gun never hurt anyone. Using one is a completely different story. Would you break into a house knowing for a fact that the person inside will be able to shoot at you? If you are planning a mass murder, would you do it knowing that everyone will be able to return fire? Everyone would be safer having one, if they were properly trained on how to use it, and passing gun safety of course. Just because you own one doesn't mean to have to use it.

  • Depends on where you're from.

    If you're from a nation that bans the ownership of a firearm, no. If you're in a nation like the United States, yes. And the reason for that is within their founding documents and history. Take for instance their "Right to Bear Arms" - this is compulsory because the citizens are obligated to be part of the militia, which is not the same thing as the military (or National Guard either). They come across more like the Swiss, sans required military service, than anything else - on paper. In practice their society is as delinquent as everyone else apparently.

  • What the f

    Why would you have to have a gun?
    I just don´t get it!
    Ok, it´s not like guns kill people, but it´s the people that own weapons that kill people.
    If everyone had a weapon, everyone would be able to kill someone.

    I would rather forbid weapons everywhere.
    Because you don´t need weapons to feel safe, that should be the police´s job.
    And if nobody had weapons, there would be less people you had to defend yourself against.

  • Gun ownership should not be compulsory

    Gun ownership should not be compulsory. This is because of the fact that people should be free to choose whether or not they want to own a gun. Some people simply should not own guns because of the fact that they are mentally unstable. It would be terrible to have people like this forced to own guns.

  • Guns are an option.

    I am closer to the side of a complete gun ban than I am to a law making gun ownership compulsory. I find that the idea of making guns a mandatory thing to own to be one of a scary macho state run by super conservatives, basically a male fantasy land.

  • Some People Don't Like Guns

    I do not believe gun ownership should be required. There are many people who do not like guns and feel better not having them in their homes. I am one of those people. I believe it is good for people to buy guns and have them, if they want them and I don't have problem with current gun laws, but I just don't feel like I need one in my house.

  • Gun ownership should not be compulsory.

    The wide spread use of guns is a grave danger to all people in society. People should be prevented from owning guns at all, much less making ownership compulsory. If everyone has a gone, there will be more gun related crimes and a lot of people will needlessly die as a result.

  • No Compulsory Gun Ownership

    While every American deserves the right to bare arms, that doesn't mean that they should be forced to own a gun. Compulsory gun ownership doesn't make any sense in any capacity. Americans should actively choose to own a handgun or rifle. Forcing these weapons upon a person would do no good.

  • That is awful

    Guns are so dangerous. If everyone was forced to own a gun it would increase the levels of access to weapons for. Under and suicide.

    Dangerous criminals would have guns too and they would have no qualms about using them

    Guns should be banned altogether, they do nothing but hurt.

  • Are you kidding?

    First off here in Australia we can not believe that you do not have gun control what so ever!!! Due to the amount of American content on our Free to Air Television we have to watch Massacre after massacre on our T.V. How many shot up schools and shopping centres does your nation need to agree to gun control? Canada has gun control and has less gun violence and it is only a river that separates USA from Canada. What galls us the most is that when you do have a Massacre at the scene we see devastated family and community and someone is advocating for the 'Right to bare arms'. How many innocent people need to die for accessing education or sitting in a movie theater? CRAZY , CRAZY CRAZY. We had one massacre and then there was gun control. Semi automatics outlawed , turned in and no more massacres. Was the constitution designed for massacring the innocent population? I don't think so. The world is bewildered!

  • It's a matter of property rights

    Making gun ownership compulsory is as much a negation of someone's freedom as banning gun ownership altogether. If you'd like the right to own a gun, you should tread carefully when deciding what I have a right to not own.

    Furthermore, it's superfluous. We live in a time with a historically low incidence of violent crime, and most people will live their entire life without a single legitimate occasion to use their gun. Making their ownership of firearms mandatory, therefore, serves no purpose.

  • Of course not

    It's one thing to let people buy guns, it's another to distribute them freely. To compel everyone to have a gun would be to force people who are untrustworthy and irresponsible to own firearms. I'm not just talking about mentally unstable people, but people who simply are unqualified with (and don't take necessary precautions with) weapons. It's not safe.

    Posted by: bsh1

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