• Hell yeah man!!

    I think for US citizens it should be mandatory to own guns and I also think schools should teach gun safety every year until they graduate so they know the safety of fun ownership by heart so when they become 18 years old they are skilled and safe gun owners

  • Gun ownership is a right

    Gun ownership is a right, like access to healthcare is. Having health insurance guarantees your right to healthcare. Like other rights, gun ownership should be mandatory. If you make that decision to not own a gun you should have to pay a penalty on your income tax just like we do with healthcare.

  • If people are not trained....

    They should be nowhere near them. As a trained, responsible, and respecting (gun) owner the last thing I want is idiots who do not know the rules of safety to have any firearm. Guns bring a responsibility need, and that begins with being able to respect/recognize the dangers that come with them.

  • Gun ownership is a privilege, not a mandatory requirement.

    Gun ownership is a privilege allowed by The Second Amendment of our outdated Constitution. The amendment essentially states that citizens have the right to bear arms and to form a militia. Nowhere does it state that citizens must own a gun. We already have enough weapons in this country, and having more will just put more in criminals hands. For those who choose to own weapons for legal purposes, that is their right. To force ownership of guns is absolutely insane.

  • Gun Ownership is a Choice.

    Gun ownership is not something that should be forced on people, it should be a choice. Not everyone wants a gun or even should own a gun. Just as there are various reasons to own a gun, there are an equal amount of reasons to not own a gun. It is a choice just as ownership of anything else should be a choice.

  • How do they plan on enforcing this law?

    If you ask me, if you want to own a gun, you have the right to own one. The whole matter of the right to bear arms is over self defense. If someone does not want to own a gun, they should not have to. I dont own one, and have no intent on it. And I as sure hell dont want pigs busting in my door to make sure I have one.

  • No, that would be bad.

    I do not think that everyone should own a gun, let alone be required to own one. There are plenty of people in the world who are irresponsible or mentally ill, and their ownership would make things more dangerous for everyone else. Speaking for myself, I would not feel safe with a gun in the house because my husband and I both have issues with depression. We also have a small child. I don't want a gun anywhere near any of us!

  • That would be silly

    I understand that their are a few European countries that have something similar, but I believe that it would not be fair. In the same way that people have a right to own guns, they have a right to decide not to. Especially if they have a fear or bad experience with guns that would cause them to worry or feel emotional pain because of the presence of a gun.

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