• It couldn't hurt.

    Just like virtually anything, the more people understand something, the safer it is. Whether you like guns or not, knowing more about them doesn't hurt anything. Plus, it wouldn't be hard to implement. For instance, the DARE program where a police officer (who is already trained in gun safety) comes to a school to talk to children about drugs and alcohol could easily just a little extra time to teach gun safety. You wouldn't even need to have the state governments pay for classes so the teachers could teach it.

  • Yes it should

    I am for gun rights, however people also need to know that they can be dangerous. It just like drugs. I support legalizing drugs but people must know that they can be dangerous if handled innappropriately. Guns should be used for safety, and that needs to be stressed, so I do believe that gun safety is important and should be taught in schools.

  • Guns are a taboo subject. They shouldn't be.

    People fear guns and do not want them in society simply because they do not know enough about them. If they had the knowledge that is actually true about guns, rather than media-driven brainwashing, guns would not be feared by the masses. Guns are a safe, efficient way to protect us and our loved ones.

  • Yes if shooting

    If there is a school shooting and the teachers are dead then any of the students can grab the gun and defend them selves and others you don't want someone with no gun safety class picking up a gun and trying to defend any one and someone else gets shoot and wounded or killed

  • It Doesn't make sense not to.

    Even If you support gun control and you wan't guns out of the hands of everyone, our kids should still have a respect for guns and gun safety. If an unarmed kid knows when to attack a mass shooter semi-safely, more lives will be saved then if he doesn't. Also, If kids know about guns, then their opinions on gun related issues will be more informed, and maybe smarter decisions will be made by them when they can vote on these issues. I believe however, that this should be restricted to middle school and high school, which is when most kids learn about drugs and alcohol, and would take these topics more seriously.

  • Students feel safer when teachers pack.

    A study in the Southern US was completed and proved that when teachers concealed carry. There was not one studet that felt unsafe with teachers that carried a firearm. Every teacher interviewed was carrying at least a .45 and the principle carried a .38 Special in her desk
    -Thank you

  • Awareness + Education = Safety

    You combine awareness of the dangers with age appropriate education it equals safety. Driving a car is led with safety awareness around vehicles and leads to education of how to handle a car = safer society with rules. There will always be exceptions of accidents or ill intentions with all devices guns, cars, etc. 99% need the Awareness and Education.

  • Some states do it already.

    Michigan already implements it in several elementary schools. One example of a school district is Carroll county's William Piercy, he combined idea's of both the NRA's Eddie Eagle and the STAR programs and shaped it for his district brining more respect and awareness. To children at a young age. The more that is taught about firearms at a young age the less likely kids are to be to seek it out from the wrong sources.

  • End the Fear

    I think children, with cooperation of police and local teachers, should be exposed to at least the morals and ethics of firearms usage, because they learn the immoralities of it on the street, but it also should be on the onus of parents to ensure kids fully understand gun safety.

  • Very much needed.

    Just like driving a car, firearm knowledge and discipline should be practiced in a routine manner to create a more safe society. Granted we will never be free from stupid people, it will definitely lower gun violence rate. To also add onto this, enforce mental health care into the program as well. This shows a path to where if an individual is becoming mentally strained , they can seek help.

  • No that is just ridiculous

    The law should be taught such as when using a firearm is legal and not and how to legally purchase one , but being taught how to use a weapon is wrong. Should we also teach our students karate and how to use a bow? School is meant to prepare us all for the adult life and we will not all deal with fire arms

  • Some kids will use them for wrong reasons

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  • Not School's Obligation

    When a family purchases a gun, it is their responsibility to teach their family about gun safety, not depend on the school to do so. School systems already have tight budgets, so adding in gun education would take money away from other important areas. Also, talking about guns in the classroom makes guns seem more of a common thing, so they are no longer seen as dangerous or serious in children's eyes.

  • Gun controls laws do not deter crime; gun ownership deters crime

    We can't expect the criminals to follow the laws why should we expect the to follow this law, it would only make it harder for us to protect ourselves. How do you expect that if we have less guns there will be less shootingsl, the criminals will still find a way to get their guns.

  • Stay after or home

    Only for after school like me if not at home . If people really what to do archery its at school my opinion . Also, you don't know if some one killed some one else why aiming . So its at school or home or don't play it at all.

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