• Outlaw the gun shows .

    I know that gun shows will probably never be outlawed, but I do not agree with the gun culture that exists in the United States today. I do not understand what drives normal Americans toward wanting a number of firearms. I understand having a firearm for self protection, but I do not understand why anyone would attend a gun show and want to acquire more and more firearms.

  • Gun Shows should be outlawed

    I most definitely think that gun shows should be outlawed because what is stopping a person that is mentally ill and or suffering from different illnesses from walking into a gun show and buying a gun to commit mass murder. No I don't believe that guns should be banned, because new loop holes would be found and there is other weapons like knives, clubs, any melee weapon could be used to commit mass murder. I think that gun shows should be banned and or changed in a big way. I think that gun shows need to have background checks because it may not solve the problem entirely, but it would be a big step in finding solutions to this problem.

  • Hey people look at the question

    Gun shows are terrible... Even if you think the background checks are unnecessary no-one can deny a cool-down period is reasonable. Cool down periods let normally level-headed people who are temporarily acting irrationally have time to calm down. THE QUESTION IS ABOUT GUN SHOWS! I'm cool with guns but, gun shows are stupid. (At least in there current form)

  • Keep guns, ban gun shows.

    Being a Constitutionalist isn't easy in today's climate, as nearly everyone is finding ways to make it increasingly more difficult. Gun shows are not written in the Constitution and should not be treated like it is.

    Of course guns should be legal in the United States, but the idea that gun shows are somehow vital to the second amendment is absolutely ludicrous. The entire idea behind gun shows is for a bunch of gun shops to essentially sell guns illegally by dodging background checks and passing preowned guns under the table in exchange for cash (which is illegal).

    Several mass shootings have their roots in gun shows as well as smaller scale shootings. Either gun shows need to begin conducting background checks for everyone, every time, or gun shows need to be shut down altogether. This would just force people to go into a gun shop like they should be doing in the first place. The idea that a banning of gun shows is a banning of guns, thus an abolishment of the second amendment is ignorance.

  • They are the source of a homicidal maniac getting the gun/accessories/ammunition they need.

    Gun shows are notoriously relaxed. Background checks get thrown out the window. The f.B.I most wanted criminal could walk into any gun show and purchase an assault rifle and high capacity magazine without so much as flashing an I.D. Until LAWS are put into place to insure no sales of wepons are made at gun shows I think they shouldnt be allowed to happen. No one should be able to purchase an assault rifle ON THE SPOT. They should have to be a registered SAFE GUN OWNER which would include regular mental health screenings and qualifications to ensure they are responsible human beings.

  • Keep gun shows

    Half of the ppl on here speaking on banning gun show probably own more then two firearms and have probably shop at a gun show it’s not the dealer who is killing ppl it’s the ppl who purchase them the gun show dealers can’t tell someone wht to do with their own gun but since i have been going to gun shows i been id and background checks have been done

  • Right not privilege!

    The mental state of our country has been on a steady decline for years and yet no one will acknowledge that this is the real issue. Some may say that this is part of the agenda to disarm the public and make us subjects and they are probably for the most part right however the idea of gun control, banning and other nonsense is just an easy way out for the ones too cowardly to address the real problems like over medication, severe lack of parenting, irresponsible and over dependence on government support programs, economy that's tanking, not enough jobs at home and out of touch politicians just to name a few. Fix our country and stop blaming inanimate objects for peoples actions!

  • If we are going to outlaw guns, we should burn the constitution

    All rights are equal - I have the right to freedom of speech, self-defense from government and the individual, the right to privacy, and the right to a fair trial and due process. You can't just claim to love one and disregard the other saying "it's outdated and that times have changed."

    Freedom is a packaged deal. If the Second Amendment no longer is relevant because of the absurd notion that the Founding Fathers wouldn't have imagined how complex society would be in a couple hundred years, then neither does anything else in the constitution. Freedom of speech? Due process? Privacy? Those all sound like outdated ideas, especially living in a time now where so many people don't even give a damn because they want to be cared for like little children from cradle to grave. I'd go as far as saying that we should start quartering soldiers in people's homes again. After all, why not? Combined with that and a few tanks rolling down each block, we could virtually eliminate homicide and violent crime. Isn't that what you people are all about: "saving lives"?

    Don't like the Second Amendment? Then amend the constitution legally by getting 3/4 of the states to ratify it. But don't preach to me about government and the law if you believe that the government doesn't even have to follow it's own rules.

  • Gun shows are not in themselves the problem.

    Banning gun shows is like how Feminism is to censoring anything offensive. It is childish and does nothing to solve the problem. I would say requiring a background check before leaving the gun show with a gun is not to much to ask. I mean really, who needs to walk out with a gun that minute and can not wait 2-3 days? But banning the gun shows in general is just trying to censor something you do not understand to a problem you do not know how to fix. The problem is people killing people, and they use guns to do it less than 10% of the time. We need to focus on the problem, and people are the problem, not guns.

    I personalty think we as a society have created the problem. We are so focused on "I" and what "I deserve" or "I'm Entitled" mentality that we are creating self delusional monsters. And not all of them are doing the killing... Directly. More men commit suicide them women, more women abuse children then men. We are complacent or enjoy the fact a man had his genitals mutilated and will never have a normal life again, but have so many laws focused on protecting only women. That type of mentality has given men little to no self worth, nothing to gain, nothing to live for. And that is one of the many problems we have, we as a society have pushed the feminist agenda to devalue men to the point they feel they have nothing left to loose. We give women the idea that they are all victims, and some are perpetration some of the most vial crimes imaginable. And we feel sorry for them, they need our help, despite the fact they killed their own children. The problem is what we have allowed our society to become, and only we as that society can finally admit to our responsibly, and change it. Until we can admit to our faults, we will never fix the problem.

  • Keep them, its our right.

    Banning many guns will NOT stop mass murderers from killing. They will still get a gun from somewhere. It is our right to bear arms. If you take that right away from me, take the right of letting me choose my car away from me, this is the VERY BEGINNING of getting all of our rights taken away. Sorry, but I have my rights and you cannot take that from me.

  • No, guns should not be outlawed.

    While guns are dangerous and using them should never be taken lightly, banning things that cause danger would only serve to limit our freedoms. Instead, responsible gun handling and limiting the type of guns available will decrease the chances of innocent lives being stolen while still allowing people who use guns as hobbyists or for benign purposes, like hunting, access to their way of life.

  • Guns should not be outlawed.

    No, guns should not be outlawed. The lawful use of guns plays an integral role in our society. Not only are they useful for hunting and things of that nature, but they provide a reliable way to defend one's self from harm. Outlawing guns also does little to deter criminals from possessing them. If you intend to use a weapon for an illegal purpose, the fact that the gun itself is illegal is of little consequence. Outlawing guns only weakens the ability of law abiding citizens to protect themselves.

  • Outlawing guns won't solve the problem.

    Guns can be a large problem, but making laws against guns will not solve the problem that come with guns. We need to figure out other ways to solve this difficult problem. I don't know what will be the solution, but I know that creating more laws won't protect the world.

  • there's no reason to.

    There is no gun show loop hole fyi. The majority of dealers at a gun show are actually local stores and clubs and you have to do a background check to buy from them. Only about 10% are private vendors, and even then, most of them aren't selling "WMDs", but actually hunting rifles and maybe some home defence shotguns. Gun shows are great places. There is absolutely no reason to ban them

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