Should gunmaker PARA USA encourage a boycott of Liam Neeson after his anti-gun comments?

  • It makes no sense.

    Liam Neeson has made his living doing action movies that have to do with guns. Neeson needs to understand that you cannot upset your audience by saying negative things about things that they believe in. People from PARA USA have every right to vote with their dollars and avoid Neeson's work. It's freedom of speech.

  • PARA USA should boycott

    PARA USA should boycott Liam Neeson. This is because it is almost hypocritical that a celebrity who participates in movies with guns should then turn around and be anti-gun. We cannot make money by acting from one side of our mouth and then use the other side to bite the hand that feeds us.

  • Opinions are like..

    Liam Neeson has a right to his opinion regardless of his fame and fortune. Whether a star is pro-gun or anti-gun doesn't matter to real gun owners. Personal protection is an American right and boycotting pictures made by one movie star is ridiculous. All that would do is hurt the industry. There is nothing to be gained by a boycott.

  • Sounds like bad business to me.

    In other words, should a company with shareholders and investors spend precious corporate resources throwing a public temper tantrum because one person said they don't like their products? Well, if the company's executive management wants to get fired by its board of directors and replaced with sane people, then sure, they should! Otherwise, probably not.

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