• Most kids in my school bring guns anyways.

    You should know by now that people kill people not guns. Now if you hear me out when i say we should instead of arming the teachers we should arm the students. We should have one kid or two have an AR15
    to protect the school. Now acrdiong to this well validated articale (https://i.Ytimg.Com/vi/jin0dGcFjao/maxresdefault.Jpg) we should have guns

  • Protect our kids.

    When I was a kid growing up, you rarely heard of any mass shootings and gang violence only existed in larger cities like New York or Chicago. Worse a kid had to worry about is getting punched by a bully. Back then, these fights could be easily stopped by a teacher. Since then, gangs have moved into Small Town U.S.A. and some losers have began a trend of being someone by killing. An unarmed teacher can stop a fist fight but when the students have guns, teachers are somewhat helpless. If qualified teachers and staff were allowed to have a concealed gun on them, no longer would they be helpless in stopping these weak losers.
    In a way, guns are already allowed on high school campuses as many schools have officers who are dedicated to the school grounds. Problem is, a school can be a vast area and may take a long time for the officer to get to the site of the shooting. That is if the officer is't taking cover far away.
    Many people have mentioned the fact that shooter tend to pick soft (unarmed) targets. This means that just having people armed on campuses could stop shootings from happening in the first place.

  • Shooters Target Gun Free Zones

    A sign that says "gun free zone" will not stop a criminal who doesn't obey the law. That's what makes criminals criminals. By implementing gun free zones, you are creating places where you disarm every law abiding citizen in that area, and any maniac can come in and kill as many people as they want in schools. If we were to get rid of gun free schools, or even gun free zones in general, crime rates would plummet because criminals won't go somewhere they know people will have guns in. Columbine was a gun free zone, Sandy Hook was a gun free zone, and Virginia Tech was a gun free zone. Would you rather have someone or even yourself ready with a gun to fight off any potential threat as soon as you need to, or wait minutes for someone to call the police? The time it takes for police to arrive would be more than enough time for a shooter to start picking people off while everyone in the area is defenseless against this maniac. Gun control is victim disarmament.

  • All Schools Should Allow Firearms

    Gun Free Zones Do Protect Children At All They Only Allow Criminals To Shoot The Place Up. All Schools Should Have Metal Detectors, Armed Guards, Armed Staff Members, & All Gun License Holders To Carry The Gun Inside The School & On School Grounds. Gun Control Is Unconstitutional & Areas With Gun Control (Strict Gun Laws) Have More Crime Then The Areas Without Gun Control. Guns Are Not The Issue, Guns & Other Inanimate Objects Don't Kill People. Only A Person Can Kill Another Person. Guns & Other Inanimate Objects Should Not Be Blamed For Someone Murdering Innocent People. The Person Or People That Committed The Crime Should Be Blamed. Gun Control Is Unconstitutional, Is Evil, Is Not Safe At All, Is Communistic, Is Socialistic, Is What The Nazis In Germany Did So Nobody Could Not Over Throw The Government, & It Only Brings More Crime.

    Banning Any Kind Of Gun From Law Bitting U.S. Citizens Is Unconstitutional. The Constitution Does Not Ban Any Kind Of Guns & It Also Gives Law Bitting U.S. Citizens The Rights To Own A Gun For Personal Protect Against Tyranny, Criminals, & Terrorist.

  • Guns make dangerous campuses

    If guns are allowed, then violent kids and bullies may abuse it. They may threaten other kids to conform to them in exchange for lives, by pointing the gun at the victim. "Teachers can stop it so no worries!" Most teachers are middle-aged unarmed pacifists. They would feel threatened if they see such a scene as well, let alone stopping it. We can't just let those violent kids and bullies take over the school.
    By the way, soft gun laws are the reason why crime rates are high in America. You don't want to see a normal school become a base for organized crime, do you?
    Therefore, guns should not be allowed in high schools.

  • Violent nature increases

    Because it's human nature to express their anger more aggressively if they have sources to do that...So if students are allowed to carry arms with them they will become more violent in nature and will involve in frequent fights.. Therefore it's better if they are not allowed to have guns in school.

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