Should guns be available in schools for teacher use in case of emergencies?

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  • No, guns should not be available to teachers in school

    School shootings are horrific and stir an emotional response among parents and the general population. Such traumatic events trigger an inclination toward drastic action and make teachers, administrators, parents and community members want to take back the power seized by those entering schools with weapons. However, putting weapons into the hands of the untrained to use in an emergent and emotional situation would be more dangerous than helpful. Not every teacher is qualified to use a firearm, for a variety of reasons: training, experience, physical ability and emotional stability. And, introducing weapons into the everyday school environment would be a step in the wrong direction.

  • Regardless of for whom their use is intended, guns are dangerous.

    Even though guns give teachers an outlet should violence break out, they are still dangerous weapons should they fall into the wrong hands.It is also possible that a panicked teacher may misuse a gun simply because it is available. Teachers should be trained in other methods of disabling or disarming criminals rather than having guns made available to them.

  • No, guns are more likely to cause accidental injury or death

    On its face, and in light of highly publicized school shootings, this might seem like a great idea. In reality, this will cause more injury and death than it will prevent. According to the Centers for Disease Control statistics, from 2005 to 2010, 3,800 people died from injuries sustained from accidental shootings. Even more disturbing for this particular context, about a third of those deaths were people under age 25. Deaths are also more likely to occur at the hands of the untrained or poorly trained, and teachers are busy enough without having this burden. Finally, just having guns on site increases the possibility of a child accidentally picking up a gun and killing or injuring another.

  • Teachers may misuse firearms.

    Even though in some instances, it sounds useful and beneficial for teachers to have guns for self-defense, it is also high risk. Teachers also sometimes have mental breakdowns, and if they have access to lethal weapons then they risk harming students that don't deserve to be attacked with firearms. If guns are allowed, they should be limited to non-lethal force such as stun guns to protect students' lives.

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