• Guns are dangerous to our society

    Sandy Hook School has had a terrible incident that included more than 20 children being killed by a gun. If guns were banned, this horrible event would never have taken place. Guns have also caused great problems to us. Many people have attempted to kill themselves with guns. Without guns the people wouldn't have killed themselves so easily.

  • Guns should be banned

    I don't understand why people can't realize that GUNS ARE BAD! When arguing with a 2nd Amendment, gun-toting redneck nut, you will most probably come across simple minded arguments like :Guns don't kill people, people kill people. And: Criminals won't follow gun laws. First of all, what is the main purpose of a gun? Quite simply, to kill. A gun has no constructive uses. When a person becomes a psychopath, most likely the first weapon they will turn to is a gun. Not a knife, not a can of pepper spray, but an assault rifle. Secondly, it may be true that criminals don't follow gun laws. Do they follow murder and rape laws either? No. So does that mean that the government should take away murder and rape laws because some people disobey them? If stricter gun laws are put into place, a criminal will think twice about using one. And just like a murderer or a rapist has to face the harsh American court system, so will a shooter. I personally feel that we have had enough of gun violence. Newtown, Aurora, and Arizona are just a few examples. The only way to stop gun violence is to get rid of the guns, not add more to the mix. People are very adverse to giving up their gun rights because the 2nd Amendment acts as a security blanket for them and makes them feel that if they have assault rifles and pistols, then they can protect themselves from any calamity that may befall them. Wake up, people.

  • Suicide is outrageous.

    Teens especially are going around killing themselves with guns. I've lost 3 friends who've lost their lives due to guns. My feelings are saying that I don't want my kids going around killing their self. No one wants to lose a friend or a child. Yes, Guns should be banned from the United States of America.

  • Children are affected by it.

    Guns are an unfortunate and dangerous reality in the lives of our children. Too many children in the United States are affected by gun violence in the form of death, non-fatal gun injuries, or the emotional after effects. Over one-third of all homes contain guns, and despite continuing educational efforts, the majority of these guns are kept loaded, unlocked and potentially accessible to children. Research indicates that if a gun is stored in a home, the risk of homicide increases threefold and the risk of suicide increases fivefold. Guns also are 43 times as likely to be used to kill a family member or someone known to a family than to kill a stranger. Children have easy access to guns. Over 5% of high school students indicated that they carried a gun in the past month, and it is estimated that approximately one million children bring guns to school each year. Many students who carry guns do so because they are afraid or influenced by peer pressure. What will it take for us to stop this senseless loss of young lives? Common sense gun laws can make the difference but the responsibility to keep the children safe doesn’t end here. Individuals and families must remove guns from their homes so their children can be safe!

  • Yes, we aren't living in the middle ages anymore

    We are now in the 21st century. There is no longer the need to protect ourselves using a gun, and the only reason why you might need a gun is because someone else has got a gun, which is just an endless cycle. Arguing that you need a gun to protect yourself is like saying I need drugs to protect myself from drugs -- but the world doesn't work like that -- problems aren't sorted out with the problem, they are sorted out with a solution. I don't know what the solution is, but I do know that guns definitely aren't the answer.

  • Gun owners are no better than drug addicts.

    Gun owners are EXACTLY what a drug addict or an alcoholic is. They don't believe that their activities harm other people, so they continue to selfishly indulge. Just like drug addicts claim that they have the right to abuse drugs because it's "their body", gun owners claim that they have the right to own weapons of war because some dead slave owners said they did on an outdated document.

    Anyone who defends gun ownership is the same person who would defend a deadly drug habit.

    The 2nd amendment should be completely repealed, guns should be confiscated nationwide, and the possession of guns or ammunition should be made a felony.

  • Guns should be banned to the public

    Allowing guns to be open to the public is generally a bad idea. IF guns were not so easy to obtain then there would be a great decrease in shootings. Guns should only be available to military personnel or police officers and such. Because anyone with bad intentions could easily just go to a shop, buy a gun, then go and shoot someone. If someone attempted mass slaughter with a knife people would stand more of a chance, and the killer could even be stopped with skilled hand on hand combat. There is a huge difference. And it would be easier to stop someone if the police officers were the only one with guns.

  • Guns are dangerous and should be banned

    It's time for a complete repeal of the 2nd amendment. It will be a long and arduous process to ultimately eliminate guns from society, but it's definitely time to place a 100% ban on the sale of all types of firearms and ammunition. Once the sale of guns and ammunition has been banned, illegal firearms will still circulate, but their numbers should gradually diminish. If the total number of deaths from guns in the US each year were, for example, less than 100, then the repeal of the 2nd amendment would not be necessary. As it stands right now, however, the damage already caused and the near certainty of further damage to come warrants a complete ban. The only viable alternative to a complete ban is a limitation that only small caliber single shot hunting rifles be sold.

  • You don't want anyone to be killed.

    Guns should be banned because if teachers had guns and they were really angry, they would shoot the children and that is not nice. If you have a gun do not ever threaten someone with it. You do not want anyone to be killed with a gun, so I say yes guns should be banned.

  • There should at least be gun control.

    There should at least be gun control in the US. Compare Canada's and America's death rates. Canada's death rate is significantly lower. We can't access guns as easily. But in America, getting a gun is like taking candy from a baby. A lawful owner might turn into a psychopath and go on a massacre. You never know what's going to happen with a gun.

  • I like deer meat.

    You've got to shoot your own deer. It's next to impossible to find good deer meet at the grocery store. How do people expect to hunt without a firearm? Have you ever tried punching a deer to death? Take it from me, it isn't easy. They run too fast, and are too pointy.


    What would save you from an intruder; your arms or a gun? What would you live off of if you were starving and alone in the wild; dirt and pine needles, or a deer? What would you do if someone approaches you in a parking lot at night and threatens to kill you; say "No please don't!" or shoot the guy then and there? (and yes, that is legal in most states)

  • Guns are not the problem, people are the problem

    Any body who thinks all guns should be banned are people who have never held one or been taught to use it safely. A classmate of mine who is against guns said it would be impractical to teach everyone to use a gun, is it impractical to teach everyone to drive? No. If you choose to own a gun, you should be taught to use it safely and taught to respect the power you are holding in your hand. For example, Switzerland has the 3rd highest guns per capita rate and one of the lowest murder rates because every male there is required to complete mandatory military service, where they are taught to handle, store and use a firearm properly. Many people say "guns kill people," no guns do not kill people, the gun is a tool and doesn't kill people without being used by a human. If a person killed somebody with a hammer, would that qualify as the hammer being a murder weapon and call for the complete ban of all hammers? No, it would not. Forks do not make people fat, pencils do not make spelling errors, and guns do not kill people.

  • They are needed for protection.

    Guns should stay because if you get rid of guns the death rate will be higher than it already is because people will not have the proper protection except maybe pepper spray or a stick. Let's just say someone approaches you in your car or wherever, pulls a gun on you, and threatens to kill you. This can go two ways with a gun or with out a gun.
    1. You could have a gun in your car, pull it on the person and if they still threaten you, you could send a warning shot off.
    2. You could use pepper spray and most likely get killed because the reaction from being sprayed is them pulling the trigger and since their gun is pointed at you, you're going to be shot and possibly die.

    SO people what will it be higher death rate or safety?
    (and if you want you can just put a restriction where you have to have a gun license in order to even own one)

  • We need protection and to hunt.

    If someone invaded your house like a gang or a band of criminals how are you going to defend yourself? Shoot them or fist fight them? If guns did get banned there would be more chaos and if a criminal had a gun and threatened you what are you going to do shoot them or fist fight them?

  • We need guns for protection.

    If someone tries to kill you, you will at least be armed and can shoot them back, but if you don't have a gun, they will shoot and most possibly you will die. Other proper protections are things like pepper spays or sticks, but what are they really going to do?

  • No, guns should not be banned.

    Guns need to be regulated a little better, but a complete ban is unconstitutional. None of us wants to see children or anyone senselessly gunned down, but giving up our right to bear arms would open up a world of control and potential chaos. It would make more sense to strengthen security in public locations.

  • No, but there needs to be more regulation.

    Banning all guns would lead to even more gun smuggling and illegal gun ownership. However, gun ownership needs to be regulated on a greater scale. I think we have all seen that it is too easy to obtain a gun, legally and illegally. Gun owners should be required to take mental tests, gun safety classes and have those things reviewed on a regular basis. When our kids cannot go to school without fearing being shot, that is a wake up call to make a difference in a positive way, for gun owners and all of the citizens who would like to continue to live safely.

  • Guns Should Not Be Banned

    I do not think that guns should be banned. Many people use them for hunting and other things. It would be unsafe for police officers to be on patrol without them. If anything, gun control laws should be tightened so that people who shouldn't have guns cannot have access to them.

  • No, not completely.

    The complete banning of guns is not a solution to our problem, but the regulation of guns (and the strict regulation of those who can buy guns) is. People often state that "if guns are criminal, only criminals will have guns." However, the largest mass murders in the past years have all been due to those who had legal access to guns. Shouldn't we be taking that into account?

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Anonymous says2013-02-14T15:10:22.560
no guns should not be band after all it depinds on the gun holder if they have the roung intintons then they should not have a gun thas what i belive so who ever belives guns should be takon away please try to reconsiter just so you know tis is comming from a 13 year old gil in the 7 th grade whos uncol got shot in the head when he was like 17 or 18 so yea (rest in peace j)
Anonymous says2013-05-07T19:19:17.957
Yes they should be
Delsin says2014-06-03T12:50:41.047
Both of you shut up guns should not be banned so if you get an account you can put your opinion on the actual debate forum.