Well on 12-14-12 there's been a shooting in Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shooter is Adam Lanza. He first killed his mother and then brought 3 deadly weapons to the school. He killed a lot of 1st-2nd graders and some teachers. At the end he committed suicide before the law enforcement got him. Lots of teachers and students died in action. DO YOU WANT ANOTHER SCHOOL SHOOTING, Terrorism, AND DO WANT YOUR CHILD OR OTHER PEOPLE TO DIE? WELL THIS IS ONE OF MANY REASON WHY THERE SHOULD BEGUN CONTROL!

  • Never in the generations to come.

    It would be dumb to ban guns in the US. The people who shoot other people are people who do not follow the law. Good civilians should be able to use guns for self defense if someone breaks into their house or attacks them with a weapon. It is the people that kill, NOT the gun.

  • No, guns are not the problem.

    No, guns should not be banned in the United States, because guns still serve a valid purpose. Without guns, the United States would not exist, because we would never have had the means to break away from England. Guns help protect a person's safety, both from individuals who wish to harm them and from governments. We should not ban guns.

  • Too late to turn back

    We've tried to force a prohibition on things that have been widely accepted in this country before, like alcohol, and it never works out correctly. What we should do is strictly regulate the sale of guns and promote awareness of mental health issues to prevent gun violence in the future, but guns are, like it or not, here to stay.

  • People will riot!

    Even though I am not really big into guns, I know a lot of people, and have a few very close friends who are huge into guns. I am willing to bet money that if they just had their guns and overall gun rights taken from them, they will cause a riot.

  • Guns should not be banned in the U.S.

    Guns should not be banned in the U.S. The banning of guns will not stop criminals from getting or using them. The only way to protect America is to allow them to carry guns with permits and allow them to protect themselves and others when needed. Getting rid of guns entirely is not the solution to any problem.

  • Guns Should Not Be Banned

    No, guns should not be banned in the U. S. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms as a way for an individual to protect himself or herself. To take away this right would be a grave mistake as it would effectively take away the right to defende oneself adequately.

  • Protect the law abiding citizens of America!

    Guns don't kill people; people misusing guns kill people. Maybe deaths by violence cannot be fully eradicated; however, we should at least allow the law-abiding citizens a chance to defend themselves to the full extent of what the Constitution allows. Having guns banned in the U.S. Will do nothing because of course, the law abiding citizens will turn in their guns. It'll be the illegal guns, the guns on the black market, that can now murder 100% defenseless people. Guns can never be banned in the United States.

  • Aside from self-defense, guns are used for sport shooting and hunting (which remains very popular in many places in the US).

    And there are many examples of people who have used guns in self-defense, often without even needing to fire the gun. The presence of a gun is usually enough to scare off an intruder or robber. And even if you never need it, owning a gun for self-defense creates a sense of safety, kindof like a seatbelt. Hopefully you never need it, but your glad its there in case you do.
    Additionally, most gun murders are not committed with legally owned guns. Usually these are gang-related shootings involving guns that were illegally purchased from second-hand sources.
    The simple reality is that 99.9999% of people who legally own a firearm never even come close to using that weapon in any illegal manner. So why should we ban something that only a tiny fraction of a percent of people are using for illegal means. A car owner is more likely to kill somebody in a DUI crash than a person who legally owns a firearm is to kill someone with the gun.

  • Not a very good idea

    Tyrrany............ We need as many guns as we can get, how else are we supposed to protect ourselves? Seems suspicious that we are in so much debt but, the "gov't" can totally afford to buy so much ammunition that when we go to buy some, the shelves are almost bare.........

  • No, guns should not be banned in the U.S. because law protects that right.

    No, guns should not be banned in the United States and are protected under the Bill of Rights. Citizens have the right to protect themselves through the ability of owning a gun, and banning guns would not reduce crimes in the United States as criminals would find other means to harm citizens other than using a gun.

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