• Guns should be legal for self-defense

    Guns could open a new career for ex military soldiers who still have a love for guns. And some of the people will be criminals most likely even though it will give them easy access to guns it would give cops a more lively career. And it would be good fun practise for soldiers every Sunday evening to go shoot at a range.

  • Self defence needed!

    I think guns should be legal because people need self defence and if we have more shooting ranges we will have more jobs for people so they can get money and more money for England.I think guns should only be held in shooting ranges and not allowd over seas that is why i think guns should be legal

  • Government impotent as slaughter continues

    I find that most people would like to learn to use firearms without the need to enlist in the services when i was in the army,i learned to use a rifle after i left i was not able to keep the skill up,i have often thought about joining a gun club as i have always wanted to learn to use a handgun as the world has changed out of all recognition terrorists criminals and the unbalanced are becoming more prevailent in todays society what can the public do??The answer is absolutely nothing,i feel that personal protection should be made available to all,any government who thinks the population is protected is,in short deluding themselves and failing to adequately protect anyone,MPs or anyone of importance has an enterage of heavilly armed men in suits watching out for them,not so the man in the street,we the people are sick and tired of being used as target practise for any mad man with an axe to grind with the donkeys we put in charge to keep us safe,in reallity they do not give a jot about the protection of the people only their popularity at the ballot box and perfecting their crocodile tears as the body count of the innocents escalate,politicions should give us protection,or allow us the tools to protect ourselves

  • Kill the terrorists 69 is good for everyone LOIUE BROOKS

    Guns should be legal because they are important in our everyday lives and I think that little children should get used to them and play with them in case they need to use them sometimes and if they grow up with them then they will be able to use them in the future

  • Yahhhh!!!!! It be good guns :)

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  • Ur all retards

    Give me a gun cccc cc c c c c c c c. L l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll l l l l l l l l l l l l l ll. L l l l l l l

  • Contrary to popular belief

    You can own a gun in the UK. It's just VERY regulate, and on some of the more outlying islands you can own a handgun. The fact of the matter is if you look at the UK's homicide rate before and after the gun ban. You'll see that their murder rate SPIKED after the gun ban for several years, but then went back to the exact same place it was before the ban. So if you look at the UK statistically, you'll see that all the gun ban did was cause more people to die; then after all the hand guns had been removed from criminals after years of confiscation, they went right back to where they were. Self defense is a human right, and a gun helps facilitate that. Think for yourself, and don't let the gubment tell you otherwise.

  • Normal people will not abuse the power a gun has

    The people that are most likely to commit gun crime are criminals, who often have connections with international smuggling rings. If guns were made legal, we could introduce background checks and we can tax them. And, as a bonus, we would stop the purchase of guns from funding organised crime.

  • It should be legal

    Is it not illegal there will no robbing from poor people cause there are young children with no money that tight. Bankers will have lots of money and there will spend on other stuff so it would be better if everybody have the same amount of money in the UK.

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  • Hiiiii guysss gunssss

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  • No guns in uk!!!

    There are so many crimes going on in the uk with GUNS!!!!! The first person who made a gun shouldn't have made it. Now there are guns all over the world. It would just make more crimes. Who even wants that to happen? People who have done a crime with a gun shouldn't ever be able to have a gun ever again.

  • Just no... -_-

    While I understand not everyone with a gun would commit criminal activity, that doesn't out way the risks. Think about all the school shootings in America. We're lucky we don't have to worry about that too much in the UK.
    Also, if it's that important to you and you really NEED a gun in your life, you can get a licence to be able to own certain kinds.

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