• Of course they should

    The US has a murder rate that is many, many, many times higher than the murder rate in other developed countries whee guns are illegal.

    No one has a right to kill anyone else so why do they need a gun.

    Also it's far too easy for kids in the USA to get their hands on a gun.

  • Guns should be illegal

    A gun can kill some one with one bullet and you can get 30x ammo for an assult rifle for $30 us dollars and they are to cheap and in america you don't even need a gun licence that is why i think guns should be illegal in the usa

  • Guns Should Be Illegal

    Yes Because A Lot Of People Die From Guns Every Year, This Year We Had Two School Shootings In Florida, Someone Shot Up The Youtube HQ, And Also In Medina, Ohio, Two People Shot Up Claggett And AI Root. Thats 5 Shootings! Thats Not All, A Lot Of Other Shootings Have Happened Around The U.S. We Need To Put A Stop To This!

  • Yes they should

    Over 30000 people every years die from guns in the usa ,and now that the price is getting cheaper and people will be wanting them more. That number will get a lot higher. People who own guns are more likely to kill some or commit suicide. Guns should be illegal.
    By calder Skazalski

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  • Obviously they should.

    For some reason, many in the US still do not seen to understand the link between lots of people having guns and lots of people getting shot. In the UK last year 63 people died from shootings, whereas that number is approximately 30000 in the US. Yes defending yourself is important but you wouldn't need to defend yourself so badly if there were less guns. Think about it. COMMON SENSE.

  • Guns must be banned!!

    Guns should definitely be made illegal. Think of all the poor innocent people whose soul has bee lost due to the fact that some crazy guy got his hands on a fatal weapon. It is horrible. Guns are the cause of many deaths. The only reason guns were made legal in the first place was because people needed to protect themselves. But that was 150 years ago. We no longer need to worry about wild animals, indians, or attacks from the british. So guns should totally be banned, now that we no longer face these problems.

  • Yes people are already drinking, driving, and with issues

    Guns only make things worse. Why compound the problem. Plus people get a power trip from them. Guns don't make you stronger, nor smarter, nor wiser, nor bigger, they only show how dumb a person can be from not being able to logically communicate and change an argument, and turn it into a win win all through logic. Better to use logic than useless arms.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Nazi Germany ended in 1945.

    If the Government were to ban private ownership of firearms, the Government themselves would keep their own guns. They would become a Statist Totalitarian Regime that empowers its own civilians. The Government will never give up its own guns. Who would be willing to have their rights taken away, while the Government keeps theirs? Sheep.

  • Legality does not effect criminals.

    Here is an example,
    Ban guns = legal citizens are unarmed, criminals remain armed.
    Uphold the legality of the 2nd amendment = legal citizens remained armed, criminals remain armed.
    The first option disarms the legal citizens and leaves them vulnerable to criminal activity.
    The second option upholds the legal citizens right to defend his/her life in the case of criminal attack.
    Law: the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties.
    Law-abiding: obedient to the laws of society.
    Law-breaker: a person who violates the law.
    By the criminals very nature and subjective view of the law he violates it willingly and often violently without remorse or subjection to morality or penalty.
    By this little box of words alone you should want to have the right to defend your life and liberty with the 2nd amendment right to bear arms.

  • Good guys and bad guys with guns - good guys with guns = bad guys with guns

    I don't even understand the logic behind this. Obviously people should have the right to defend themselves by whatever means they can afford. If you make owning guns illegal, the only people who would have guns are criminals. The more good guys we have with guns, the safer we'll be. This seems like basic logic to me.

    I challenge anyone who thinks guns should be illegal to put a "gun free zone" sign outside their house.

  • The right to rebel

    Banning guns would go against the U.S constitution the reason why the right to bear arms was so government tyranny would never happen and if it did the citizens would have the right tools to rebel against the tyrannical government . We may not have a tyrannical government now but there is a possibility we we in 50 or more years from now

  • No no no

    We need guns to protect us from those niggas and thieves

    come on have some common sense you damn liberals

    go to hell liberals go to hel

    how dare you be anti-gun

    let us have guns to our own free will

    i don't see why you are so retarded oh lord

  • It's a mixed opinion

    Just ban assault weapons, and leave the rest alone, but mandate better background checks and crack down on corruption & under the table sales. I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

  • Guns themselves don't kill people

    People with bad intentions that have a gun kill people. However, there are many people out there that own guns that use them for recreational purposes such as hunting, trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays. Just think, if we did ban guns and make them illegal the murder rate most likely wouldn't change that significantly because again, it's the people with bad intentions that kill people and if they have their mind set on hurting someone they will find some other way to harm them even without a gun.

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