• Guns should be outlawed.

    Guns are deadly weapons and the frames of the constitution never intended for today's guns to be legal. The second amendment is anachronistic. In order to prevent further mass shootings in our country, guns should be outlawed all together. Safety is more important than any foolish sense of machismo from owning a gun.

  • Yes, guns should be outlawed.

    Society has passed the point where anyone would need a gun to hunt. Most civilized societies do not allow gun ownership. All of those places are safer than the United States. Gun ownership leads to violence and murder. Our murder rate is through the roof. Banning guns would be a good start.

  • To much violence?

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  • Civilized countries ban guns.

    Check out Australia and the decrease in violence there after severe gun restrictions. Guns are not useful "tools" unless killing is useful. Those who advocate guns for protection ignore reality, thinking they are Clint Eastwood, when in reality they are more likely to be killed by a gun in the home than shooting an intruder. Get rid of guns.

  • No, guns should stay.

    A gun is only as evil as the person who uses it. That is because a gun is a tool, it's an inanimate object. It is neither good nor bad. It just is. As with all tools, guns can be used for good or bad.

    Pretty much what you need to ask is:
    Is it OK to ban a tool?
    If a chain saw is used in a gruesome murder, does anyone call for the banning of chain saws?
    No one calls for the ban of these tools... because we recognize that the tool did not act of its own... but rather someone pick up the tool and chose to use it in an evil manner. We need to stop blaming the tool and start looking at why we, as a society, produce so many people who wish bodily harm on other human beings.

  • No, just more controlled.

    Guns need to be kept much more strictly controlled. Access to guns is far too easy, and that is a problem. However, guns should not be outlawed completely. Outlawing guns would infringe on the rights of the people, but not everyone should be allowed to own a gun. Outlawing guns may solve some problems but would likely just cause many more.

  • Banning things doesn't work.

    In the history of the United States, we've tried banning quite a few things. And, historically speaking, it never worked. All it really did was limit the banned item to the underground, and create a demand of such items from people who were willing to break laws. Does the drug war look like it is having much success, or does it look like it is causing tons of unnecessary violence? And does anything think that everyone who has guns now just get rid of them? Banning would be laughably ineffective and probably just make things ten times worse.

  • No, guns should not be outlawed.

    No, guns should not be outlawed. It is not the gun that kills, it is us! We must work on our mentality. We are rational beings and are capable of reasoning, what we are doing? The idea of owning a gun is also a mental set up always driven by our social construction.

  • No because it leads to less individual freedom.

    America is unique country because of it's freedoms and it's rights to people. Banning guns would mean less freedom from people and no individual protection from citizens. One statement that stuck to me from George Washington was that America should never engage the same laws and economical views as that of Europe. Gun outlaw will not stop criminals and evil people from owning them illegally. All this does is less protection from individuals.

  • Why get rid of something that helps people get food it they are living off the land

    Why get rid of something that helps people get food it they are living off the land yes there may be many deaths by shootings doesn't mean you make something illegal that someone is gonna get a hold of that means you are gonna go house to house taking guns away.

  • You're Not Going To Get Rid Of Them

    No matter how hard you try, no one is capable of getting rid of all the guns in the world. Some people hold firmly to their firearms and will not let them go, despite what laws are passed. If every gun in the world were to disappear tomorrow and we were all on even ground, then it would be great, but that's not how it is and that's not realistic. Outlawing something doesn't make it go away.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do believe that certain guns should not be able to be purchased, but there is no reason that guns should be outlawed all together. They are a good form of protection for the family as well as a fun hunting tool. They should be regulated more, but never outlawed.

  • Outlawed, no regulated, yes.

    I don't think that at this point in the United States that outlawing guns outright would be an effective thing to do. I do however believe that people should have to pass tests to own guns. The first test should involve a psychiatric evaluation and the second should include firearm safety. I also think certain loopholes should be closed and that certain firearms should not be carried by private citizens.

  • Guns should not be outlawed.

    Guns should not be outlawed. This is because of the fact that if guns were outlawed, only outlaws would have guns. People do not want to live in an unsafe world where only criminals are armed. This would mean mass acts of violence and murder across the board for the country.

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