• His ideas are somewhat westernized

    Guru Prem Rawat should be regarded as Westernized. Although his ideas are still eastern on some level, he has adapted to western ideas to attract this kind of audience and increase his popularity. There is no way to really attract followers in different countries without at least abiding by some of their ideals.

  • Yes, I think Prem Rawat should be considered Westernized.

    He carries himself in a very modernized, western way. He has been giving religious beliefs to westerners for some time now. Its only safe to assume that he can be regarded as Westernized himself. If he wore robes and walked around bare foot, that would be a totally different story,but he wears fashionable clothing and looks good doing it.

  • I Would Say He Is

    I believe guru Prem Rawat can be regarded as Westernized. He certainly holds that appearance as he often wears a suit and tie. He has spent several decades speaking with guiding westerners in his religion, meditation, or cult depending on whom you are asking. After that amount of time it would be hard to believe that he hasn't become accustomed to the way of life in America.

  • He teaches meditation.

    No, guru Prem Raway should not be regarded as Westernized, because he still teaches traditional meditation practices, and a version of his religion that is still quite traditional to traditional Indian practices. Raway is charismatic, but his primary audience is still the traditional Indian people. He is not Westernized to the extent that he can be characterized as such.

  • Still has traditions

    No, he should not be regarded as Westernized yet, because he still follows and believes in a lot of the traditions from back where he came from. When he gets where he does not follow of his own traditions, then we can accurately call him as one of our own.

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