• Is this for cereal!!

    Guys get stressed A LOT so why can't they have long hair? People are so stupid!!! Guys get stressed a lot and some have A.D.D. And what do they do while in school? They try playing with their hair but NO THEY CAN"T because it should be "AGAINST THE LAW" for men to have long hair. Having long hair is an advantage... I have a friend that got 3 days of morning detention, 4 days of ISS, and he was constantly harassed because he had long hair!!! He had teachers even harass him, Like ARE YOU SERIOUS!! :(

  • It's not my business

    As long as it is not damaging to anyone else, I see no harm in it. Besides, a woman can have her hair long or short, so I do not see why men cannot. As cliche as it sounds, everyone should have the right to express their tastes, regardless of factors like race or gender.

  • Are you serious

    Men should be able to have whatever hair style they want and if someone bullies them then you don't have a true haert. Why should there be an argument about this?Everyone in the world is different in their own way so BACK OF HATERS! I have a younger brother with long hair and no one should EVER say anything mean about someone's hair because if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all !

  • Guys should be able to have long hair

    Men should be allowed to wear their hair as long or short as they would like it without worrying about being judged for how they look. There is no reason a man should not be allowed to do with his body what he wishes to do as he is the sole owner of said hair and assorted parts and the only person who should be allowed to make choices about it.

  • Most certainly yes

    Through out time men have had long hair and style wise similar or better. It is only since the late 19th century in north America that shorter (but still long) was the case. But still most men (look at Abraham Lincoln ) had what we would call hippy hair. Still, we have the image of what certain designers or society says should be not necessary what could look and feel better.

  • Men should be allowed to choose ANY hair length, same as women

    Men should be able to do this since women can also. A woman with any length of hair can land any job, but a man with long hair limits his career oppurtunities. This is discrimination, pure and simple. It seems to be that the perception of long haired men is that they are going through a "phase" or are simply being refusing to grow up, since long hair is associated with youth, and therefore cutting long hair off for men in the western world generally symbolises maturity. This is not so though, as I know many long haired men who are mature, friendly, and professional. This is discrimination pure and simple. Makes me want to lie about being a nazarite (google it) just so I can get a steady job.

  • Guys should be able to have long hair

    Guys should be able to style their hair anyway they feel comfortable with, some men suit to have long hair and if they choose to they are not any less of a person then a man with short hair.
    The judgement towards people these days are ridiculous, society is so cruel to others who don't conform with the "norms"
    Guys and girls are differentiated from birth, boys are meant to have short spiked up hair, like cars and the colour blue or black
    and girls are meant to have long hair, wear dresses, play with dolls and their favourite colour is pink or purple.
    People seem to think boys with long hair is feminine, when in fact most hardcore rock band members have long hair.
    And that this is an actual topic and people are actually against it is so concerning.
    Long hair is sexy <3__<3

  • Of course they can

    They should be able to I myself do not have long hair but my father did and there is nothing wrong with it why anyone would disagree I don't know but if you do you don't know what the right to express yourself truly means once again there no reason why not

  • Is this a joke?

    Stopping men from having long hair is discrimination, which is basically being racist. My brother has long hair deliberately to piss people off. And what are you going to do, ban Sikh men too? Ban homeless men? Of course men should be able to have long hair, debate is over.

  • Since no one may ever disagree with this question lol

    There is a specific reason why guys shouldn't have long hair. It is rather important that men have short hair is because it would be difficult for people to identify them as male. It is also traditional that girls have long hair and men have their hair short. Men with long hair can only do so much with it when girls having multiple styles to choose from. And yes , im just trollin. This question is pretty pointless

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