• Its the most professional choice.

    I believe men should wear suits as often as possible. Studies found that men who wear suits think differently and feel more confident. They also make you look much smarter and people think of you better. I agree with ComaCrow on the matter that from a young age Men should have to wear smart clothing.

  • I think guys should have to wear a suit and tie

    The reason i think guys should have to wear a suit and tie is that it simply looks better, it shows respect for everyone you meet and you look awesome! Science has also proved that it improves work ethic and good manners, i think once a boy becomes 15 they should be required to have a clean cut/conservative haircut, a white shirt that is tucked in, polished shoes, black pants, and a tie, when they turn 18 they should have to wear a basic colored roundneck sweater and when they turn 21 they should have to wear a jacket.

  • It would look Like a anime.

    Kono giron ni katsu koto wa hijō ni jūyōdesu. Anata wa daremoga sūtsu to nekutai o kite ireba, Sekai wa anime no yō ni miemasu. Tsumari, Gijutsu ga shinpo shi, Kyodaina robotto to jū no ken ga tenihairu to iu kotodesu. Watashitachiha subete sore ga hoshī, Watashitachiha shinaide kudasai? I thank you for your time.

  • Looks pretty fly

    Don't know about everyone else but if I got the opportunity to wear suit and tie indefinitely I would, they actually looks so fly to wear. But seriously I can't see and legitimate reason to enforce the wearing of a suit and tie besides business dress and that they look pretty dapper.

  • Teenagers (male) should maintain a clean and respectable appearance

    Let me ask you this, would you rather see:
    15-17 year old guys in a bunch of T shirt in jeans with messy hair
    15-17 year old guys in tucked in polo shirts or dress shirts (and hopefully ties) wearing khakis or dress pants clean, short, conservative haircuts?

  • Not most of the time

    At some events it may be best to wear a suit and tie, but most of the time it isn't necessary.

    Also, formal attire is only formal attire because it is worn for formal events. If everyone just wore those clothes all the time it would be casual wear, not formal.

  • Wearing A Suit and Tie Is Not The Only Way To Show A Clean and Professional Look

    I myself when serious where some pretty pricy long buttom up flannels and long black pants(not jeans) when I am serious towards people. I come out of wearing just regular clothing and I get dressed all nice. People respect me for that and show respect to me back. To think a man should wear a suit and tie to show professionalism is absurd. Maybe in an important business meeting amongst the top of the HQ yes, but me myself,I have already proven that amongst others I have met.

  • Hell to the NO

    HELL NO! IT'S AS HYPOCRITICAL AS ASKING IF WOMEN SHOULD WEAR THE SAME THING EVERYDAY TO WORK! Let them be free in expression, people need to realize that men are people too and society should stop brainwashing young boys to be aggressive and cookie cutter style. It's sad that people genuinely think we should be dulled out. I certainly don't like seeing a room full of fashion clones.

  • Denies freedom of speech

    Sure, it looks better, and maybe it does improve work ethic and good manners. But not all guys want to be forced to wear a suit and tie all the time. Most guys want to express themselves, and perhaps a fancy getup fails to show people who they are. A simple t-shirt and jeans may be how they want to express themselves. It's their choice, not the governments. Not anyone else's choice. Only theirs.

  • What the hell?

    Are you kidding me? GOOD MANNERS???
    People should be able to wear what they want when they want unless they're at something fancy. But having to wear that twenty four seven? It's ridiculous. And the only argument you have is that it improves their MANNERS? Oh my god! Suits are meant for things like job interviews or whatever if they wanted to. But forcing a boy into an image that will just represent a cocky version of themselves is sad.

  • ComaCrow and testudinaes, Just how far does your opinion go?

    Go ahead, You can think it looks better all you want, By all means, You're entitled to your own opinion about appearances.

    But what specifically do you mean by "have to"? Do you mean they should in work settings and formal events? Or do you mean they should have to wear them JUST BY VIRTUE OF EXISTING? If it's the former, Fine, Whatever, That at least doesn't follow them to their own homes. If it's the latter, Then it's tyrannical because it would then extend to one's personal life.

    If people think it's ok to sacrifice an individual's rights to satisfy the aesthetic preferences of someone else, Then clothes are not the only thing to worry about. . .

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