• Only if there’s muscles

    I personally believe that men should 100% wear tank tops but only if they have some muscles, Stick fin men with long thin arms should NEVER wear a tank top, Also I hate body hair on all men so this should be kept under control before wearing a tank top

  • Why the hell not?

    It doesn't make sense for us not to. I mean, Women can wear some pretty questionable things yet men can't wear a simple tank top? As long as you are wearing one in the right environment (so not on a date, In the library, Etc) wearing a tank top is your choice.

  • They look great on men

    Guys should be allowed to wear more revealing clothing if they want, especially when it gets hot. There is nothing wrong with guys showing their shoulders and arms, there is no reason to hide them. People who don’t like them are insecure in themselves and probably have body issues. Guys who take care of themselves look great in a tank.

  • There great Summer clothing!

    Tank tops are great Summer clothing, especially when it gets hot outside. Besides, guys in tank tops are hunks, especially the guys with muscles. So, tank tops should be great clothing for both genders no matter what your opinion is. Just let people choose what they really want to wear!

  • Tanks are great

    I love wearing tank tops both as underwear and loungewear as well as on the beach or when it’s hot. There is nothing smarter than a white sleeveless undershirt as the basis to any outfit. White or black tanks on the beach look and feel cool. So out with all this taboo - tanks are great!

  • Stylish and comfortable

    I love wearing tanks because they can look good and are a lifesaver in humid hot places. People who are extremely against it have problems. They are either incapable of wearing them or have bad experiences with those who do. It annoys me when people say we are slobs or douches because of what we wear. Its the equivalent of calling girls with booty shorts sluts, its generalizing an entire group.

  • It's a free world

    A guy should be able to wear one if he wants to. Like any article of clothing, some guys look good wearing a tank top and others do not. There are a lot of people wearing clothing items they should not but they have the freedom to make that choice.

  • Why in the world not?

    They are very comfortable and help in many situations. You can use them in the gym. You can were them in hot climates to cool off. You can just use them as comfortable clothes for a daily bases. This, wear the. If you want to, don't tske the opinion of others.

  • Why the heck not

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  • Does it really matter?

    This is really a dumb question. It could apply to any article of clothing. What looks good on whom, is subjective. There isn't a right answer, just the preference of the wearer and the appreciation, or not, of a viewer. Unless it is harmful, immoral, illegal, then the 'should' part of the question should just be ignored. Yes, wear one if you choose, or not.

  • No and Yes

    Mostly the answer is no. An average looking guy looks silly wearing a tank top. Does nothing for his look. A muscular guy looks like he is showing off. A fat guy (has the typical large stomach) looks really bad wearing a tank top. Graphic tank tops worn by the teenagers and young 20 year olds makes them look preppy.
    Yes only for wearing while working out. Still wear a tank top that looks good or decent. This can be going to the gym, running outdoors, or exercising outdoors. Can be worn to the beach, pool, and waterpark.
    Generally out in public guys should avoid wearing tank tops. There are athletic moisture wicking shirts that keep you cool.
    Now a sleeveless t-shirt can be worn in public. The same as a t-shirt minus the sleeves. These don't show as much but still keep you cool. Avoid cutting the sleeves off a t-shirt. Makes you look cheap and if cut in a stupid way you look like a preppy guy.
    This is my opinion you may agree or disagree.

  • No we dont

    I think tht tank tops are versatile and people who wear them are mean and robbers. They dont make you look cool or sport you. They're not even comfortable. They look bad and don't make you or family/friends impressed. They don't attract a woman either. Dont wear them. Just don't.

  • No. And everyone that says Yes is indeed entitled to their opinion and argument, but they are unequivocally wrong.

    However, it is a free country for you, a masculine straight man - or other, to accept fashion industry emasculation. A Serious Man a Successful Man does not wear tank tops. If you, a guy, wear a tank top and a gal finds you interesting, then said gal is not a serious Woman. Should guys wear suits - that is one's particular professional or crafstmen's best? Certainly. Lastly, advertisement ie "showing off guns," basically says I have a confidence problem. In the vernacular: to all you roidsters out there wearing tank tops in the gym and gasp not-in-the gym, beware that 20 years down the road, all that enhancement nutrition may cause you to do the Caitlin, at which point your tank top collection will have validated your closeted leanings all along...And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being Gay.

  • Unless you have...

    An awesome body... The answer is just simply no. It's just bad taste. Few people can pull it off. There's a reason it's known as a wife beater too. Images of douchebags, white trash and similar scum come to mind. Men should not wear tank tops. If there were fashion police, these people would go directly to jail.

  • Douchepocalypse comes to mind

    Tank tops make you look feminine, the end. If you wear them to show off your muscles so the girls will think you look all manly, you are actually having the opposite effect. I have never seen one guy look hot in a tank top. Obviously you can wear what you want, but not everything you wear looks good.

  • No to the tank

    Whenever I see a guy wearing a tank top I think either he's a frat boy, a gang member, a douchebag porn star, or he's trying to hard to impress women, or he just has bad taste in fashion. So, no, a guy should not wear a tank top ever.

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