Should gym be a mandatory class in public schools?

Asked by: evaneldemachki
  • Early obesity intervention would help in the long run.

    1 in 3 children are overweight. A lot of kids spend time in front of screens playing games or watching movies, therefore spending less time engaging in physical activities. Adding health classes in public schools is also a great idea that teaches students healthy habits that they can apply once they get into adult hood.

    Posted by: jhe2
  • Ball is Life

    Al i do is ball. Ball is my life. Without gym i wouldnt have a life. Therefore illumnati is confirmed. Balls are my life. Everyone who disagrees with this is probably lazy and obese. Aint no body cares bout how you feel. No days off and no excuses young blood

  • Many people are fat!!!!!!

    The percent of obese people has risen drastically. There are also people that need more exercise because they don't get it at home. Also older kids don't have recess. (such as me) also the percent of obese people in the us is at 17%, thats insane! Ok i think i am done.

  • We're getting fat

    Have you seen the amount of obese people? I'm not for forcing physical exercise, butlet's get real here. I know im not motivated to exercise, but I also know I should. And I don't want to get fat. So make me exercise! I was in the best shape of my life when I had pe, running the mile every week. Point made.

  • Well, of course we need P.E.

    Kids are spending too much time on things like electronics and video games. We need to keep fit and healthy. Also, kids who really love sports and are not allowed to do them makes them sad and depressed. No kid should feel like that. Take me, for instance. I don't play any sports, yet I love volleyball and soccer. Kids need to learn these sports in case they become professional players on that sport when getting older. They need to learn sport rules to play with family and friends. Also, these kids need exertion and need good exercise. Some kids don't get that strong heart they need and do poorly when tested for Physical Education.

  • Gym should not be mandatory by any means.

    As most are aware, students' GPA's are made up of the the scores in each of their academic classes averaged together. When adding gym to this average, a student's GPA can rise or fall up to 6 or 7 points. When one student does significantly better or worse than a peer based on their participation in mandatory pass time activities, there isn't an accurate comparison between the two students. Furthermore, students, especially those who participate in after school sport programs or exercise on their own, should not be forced to physically exert themselves at the stake of their grade point average. On the issue of obesity, gym is not a solution. 30 to 60 minutes of softball etc. does not make a difference in anyone's health. PE class is merely an excuse for schools to claim that they are fighting the American obesity epidemic.

  • No it should be optional

    Ok I get it gym is important for our health but not everybody likes gym and some kids aren’t athletic so gym should be at least an elective it should be where we don’t have to take gym, we could take another class instead. Why have students that don’t like gym suffer ? It’s just gonna cause them to not wanna participate and maybe fail on purpose.

  • I don't think so!!!!!

    Hi I think kids SHOULD NOT have gym be mandatory because I have had to do push-ups and I cannot do them! I also cannot do sit ups!!! And I'm a normal kid!!! I'm not obese!!! Alright? Okay.
    So there! That is PRECISELY why I do not think gym should be mandatory.

  • No no no

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  • Kids should at least get an option and still pass

    Honestly a lot of kids cant do this stuff and get hurt. Like bigger people they have problems for being bigger and for example cant really play the sport activitys like soccer,basketball, volleyball,etc. And I really think its unfair how we have to do this stuff nd if we don't we get in trouble and fail.We should get more options

  • Gym shouldn't be forced

    Saying America is getting fat therefore we need gym is stupid. America is getting fat because of the health decisions and what we're eating. Instead of forcing kids to exercise because they're getting fat, teach them moderation between eating unhealthy and healthy. I don't go to public school; I do online school and I'm not fat at all. Forcing kids to strip and shower then run around and play stupid sports they don't want to do with people they don't like isn't going to help kids become skinny and it will just make kids hate school even more. If you want your child to be skinny, stop allowing them to eat a bunch of fast food and make them diet. Having a gym class as being an elective is fine and a good idea but I find it ridiculous to think exercising will make America skinny considering we've had mandatory gym class for decades and obesity still increases. It won't do anything.

  • P.E. Should not be a mandatory class.

    As mentioned before, 30-60 minutes really won't have much of an effect on the obesity situation in the United States, especially when you take into account the time it takes to change into P.E. Uniforms in high school and middle school, leaving less than 60 minutes of physical activity, and on top of that, the amount of opportunities there are for a child to get out of actually putting forth effort into the class, if they really want to.

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