Should gym class be optional in public schools?

Asked by: mercurychild
  • Not the schools choice

    Exercise is all well and good, however it is not what gym class is only about. Gym class breeds competition and an unhealthy social environment. There is a reason why the bullying stereotypes are sportsmen; because they have been educated to be aggressive when it comes to competition and form an opinion of self worth that goes far beyond healthy. Children should be allowed to opt out of this negative environment which condemns those who are not as physically capable.

  • Exercise is good for body and mind.

    Staying is shape is a great way to improve anybody's quality of life. Physical exercise has been linked to many advantages over those who do not exercise. Staying in shape and exercising regularly has also been linked to a better mental state. Also, by not exercising people face a much higher risk of various diseases. In plain terms, less exercises means a shorter life. Healthy school lunches are also a great way to promote a healthy life style. Gym class should not ever be optional.

  • In America? Umm... No.

    In America, 2012, 68.6% of adults were considered obese or overweight, and 31.8% of children were too. We need Physical Education to teach kids how to be fit and that it is fun to do so, and encourage them to do it in their free time. We can make it an optional course when the obesity rate hits a certain number, but we will have to keep the healthy lunches and teach the effects of being overweight and how to avoid it.

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