Should Gym class be optional? (keep in mind health class would still teach the importance of physical activity)

Asked by: o0jeannie0o
  • We should be able to opt out of gym class.

    Many accidents happen in gym causing people to get injured and then making them not be able to participate in the sports they really want to. Also, gym takes real sports and alters them into a different sport based off of the real sport. If someone is good at the gym sport they might try the real sport and quit because it is harder than the gym sport.

  • Yes they should

    People who do sports should not have to take gym class because they all ready get physical active so they can focus on other subgacks like spanish and other. But I think they should choose if they should. Like if one likes floor hockey they can go to gym and play

  • Cause i think that kids need gym for exercise and it can benefit their grades.

    This can help the obesity rate go down and also compare test scores to those who don't have gym and those who do. I think that they need gym cause it is warming up their body and then they are having their brain work harder. Also this can improve kids attitudes.

  • I just hate sports.

    There are many, many reasons I'd choose this one. P.E. Is a waste of time, it makes people who aren't skilled in that area feel really bad, and sports days...... Those have given me nothing but pain and a sunburn so bad it literally blistered.I had to stay home for a week after that, and I'd only just started college so missing a week is something I did not want. But all it does is motivate people NOT to do it in spare time.

  • I dropped out of gym and kept active in other ways

    In grade 9 I dropped out of gym because I was ridiculed for my inability to play sports (instead took figure skating to keep active). Gym brought down my GPA even though it wasn't academic. I think kids should spend more time learning things with real world applications such as "how to pay a bill, survival, etc." that classes don't teach. Sports can still be provided by the school after hours as most already are to students that wish to participate in a team sport.

  • You can teach, But will they listen?

    People tell and teach others to do what's right, but are kids really going to listen? I mean I know almost all of my friends wouldn't and I probably wouldn't ether. I really think that gym is like other classes. An example is Math, they don't just teach the math, they make you do problems so you can improve your knowledge on the subject.

  • Physical activity is important

    Gym class is not my favorite. It brought down my GPA as well. The sad reality is that for some kids, an hour of gym class is the only physical exercise they get during the day. For this reason I think that there should be gym class, however, I support students being allowed to substitute their credits for gym if they are involved with extra-curricular sports or athletic teams/groups of any sort - even activities such as rowing, skating, swimming or dancing classes - and having their coach sign off on their hours in lieu of taking traditional school gym class.

    Obesity is an epidemic in North America. If schools start allowing kids to ditch the only physical class there is it will do more damage to all the overweight and borderline marshmallow kids out there who have no role models teaching them how to be active and healthy at home. Omitting gym class give them reassurance that it's okay to let themselves become unhealthy and out of shape - that it's not their fault if they are too fat to be normal kids.
    Physical activity is imperative to our development. If kids don't have the opportunity to get a healthy amount of exercise outside of school hours then they should participate in gym class. If they were allowed to drop out of it and instead get accustomed to sitting around on their asses all day it will be extremely hard for them later in life to change their behavior and start working on their bodies to get in shape without any idea about what to do or how it should feel during and after a work out.

  • We Don't Want To Become A Nation Of Fatties Like America

    Our kids need to stay fit. If we don't keep them active, they will become lazy and fat. American culture is seeping through our country and affecting the youth the most. If we don't keep up our active physical education, our youth will want to become like the Americans. Sports teach a child discipline and teamwork. They are important for a child's development and help develop their bodies as well as their brains. We don't want to become the laughingstock of the world. We don't want out country to be mostly overweight. Let's strengthen our kids so we can have a better future.

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