• Yes they should

    Too much abuse of young girls from all countries. Too much abuse of young girls from all countries. Too much abuse of young girls from all countries. Too much abuse of young girls from all countries. Too much abuse of young girls from all countries. Too much abuse of young girls from all countries.

  • Because people like it

    People could break there bones and go to the hospital and stay home from school and not learn unless you home train your child some people don"t know how to do that stuff because they are not flexible and can break their back and not got to school for a month

  • Why not dance?

    If dance isn't allowed in the Olympics than why should gymnastics be allowed? I believe strongly that dance should be in the Olympics, but if no one is coming onboard with me I will just have to kick gymnastics out instead. I understand people love gymnastics, but at least let dance be in.

  • Gymnastics should stay in the Olympics

    Gymnastics is a competitive sport that is very exciting. Many people in the world watch this sport it is extent complex. Some people are inspired by the women gymnastics. If people see that gymnastics is taken out of the Olympics people won't think it's a sport and will be discouraged.

  • Gymnastics Is the hardest Sport out there.

    Look at swimming, track, and archery. Take a look at gymnastics where you use flexibility, strength, and speed. You flip and put your life on the line. Gymnastics is the most entertaining thing to watch on TV. It would be a disgrace to not show gymnastics in the Olympics. They work as hard and even harder than any athelete.

  • Love watching Gymnastices

    It is because of gymnastics that my younger sister is getting involved in sport, as she has recently started gymnastics. It requires a great deal of strength to do what they do, and people should appreciate it!! Gymnastics shows that you do not have to be from a well off background to be able to do it, it shows that whoever you are, wherever you are from, you can do it.

  • Gymnastics is a Sport.

    Gymnastics should NOT be banned. The only reason I could think of at all for it to be banned is gymnasts get hurt, but in equestrian, you could get thrown from your horse, so it's dangerous too. Gymnastics are stronger than football (rugby, not soccer) players, and they work harder than any other sport. NO way should it be banned.

  • Best sport to play!

    Gymnastics is very fun to play! It gives you agility and highly competitive, and requires great skill. It gives you more flexibility if you try just hard enough. Plus, if gymnastics was banned from the Olympics who would learn how to do gymnastics if they're not able to watch it? I do gymnastics myself, so it should still be considered an Summer Olympic sport.

  • Gymnastics should notnbe banned.

    Gymnastics are a sport. It requires a great deal of skill and is just as much a part of the Olympics as any other sport. In some ways it's a bigger part because it could be said that it takes more skill and practice than other sports. It's a true sport in every sense.

  • Inspiration to girls

    Gymnastics is a very competitive and fun sport. I am a dancer, and gymnastics is very closely related to dance. It is my favorite sport to watch in the Olympics. Who doesn't love gymnastics? It inspires young girls to head to the gym. The poor girls would be crushed without gymnastics.

  • No they shouldn't

    Gymnastics is a highly competitive and talented sport. It's a huge draw for viewers and for young aspiring gymnasts around the world. Gymnastics takes a high level of focus, balance, flexibility, athleticism, talent, and endurance. By banning it from the Olympics you would be crushing millions of peoples dreams around the world. It is a fun sport to watch because it seems so impossible.

  • Olympics are a battle of the bodies.

    Gymnastics are very intensive on the bodies of the gymnasts, so the competition between who has the most outstanding body is not lost in the performance of these sports. Gymnastics has been apart of the Olympic games since the first international Olympiad, and was an important event, and still is an event that has a lot of attention.

  • Its a really fun sport so no we should not ban it

    No we should not ban gym from the Olympics because a lot of people enjoy watching others do gym. And a lot of people enjoy doing it . My self I enjoy doing it .So NO WE SHALL NOT BAN GYM FROM THE OLYMPICS ...NO NO NO NO NO NO

  • Gymnastics is so fun to watch and it takes a lot of work.

    Gymnastics is needed in the Olympics and is needed in general. People who do gymnastics are proves to be healthy than others. This proves that there are many health benefits to having gymnastics be a sport. I love watching gymnastics and so do many others that is why gymnastics should be in the world.

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