Should Gypsies as a race be exempt from the emigration laws of the European Union?

  • The Historical Gypsie tradition is nomadic , so to preserve it there should be some exemptions.

    Gypsies have traditionally been a nomadic group throughout Europe. By custom and tradition, they don't settle in one area, rather relocate throughout all of Europe.It's been this way for centuries, Enforcing the emigration laws of the European Union on them will essentially force them to conform to a culture that they historically have not embraced and force them into a way of life that is in opposition to their customs and norms.There should be exemptions to allow them to travel freely as is their custom.

  • National Borders Should Be Enforced

    Although gypsies have historically been a nomadic people, traveling across country and only settling temporarily, their customs become a hazard when nations try to enforce borders. As each nation is sovereign, each nation should be allowed to enforce its own emigration laws. Out of respect for those laws, the EU should not mandate exceptions for one culture over another.

  • Gypsies should not be exempt of emigration laws of the European Union

    Gypsies are as part of the world as any other race or ethnic group. They should not be exempt of emigration laws of the European Union. Every person or ethnic group should have to abide to the same laws and regulations as other groups. They are an important group in the European Union and their voice should be heard.

  • Everyone Is A Citizen Somewhere

    I do not believe Gypsies should be exempt from the emigration laws of the European Union. Everyone is a citizen to at least one country and they should follow the laws set forth because everyone else has to follow them. As an American citizen I would love to be able to move from country to country without dealing with boarder crossing guards, however these laws were implemented and everyone has to deal with them. Gypsies shouldn't expect to be handled any differently than anyone else.

  • No, Gypsies should obey laws like everyone else.

    Gypsies should have nationalities and obey the laws of the land just like everyone has to. This includes laws about holding passports or IDs and following emigration rules and guidelines. Times have changed since they used to roam freely without allegiance to any country. Such carefree behavior now only leads to criminality.

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