Should Halloween be considered a religious holiday?

Asked by: Haxis288
  • Beyond a holiday

    Halloween started as a Christian Holiday, but has turned into something far worse. There are very wacky people out there that give kids apples with razors in them, or things of the like. The fact that people are dressed like demonic beings has gotten to many people's heads and they start doing satanic things. They literally become brain-washed and it is unwise to just say that Halloween is a holiday without realizing what is behind it.

  • It actually is.

    Halloween, All Hallow's Eve or whatever you may choose to call it used to be a religious holiday hundreds of years ago. It was practiced by pagans. Today, Halloween is commercialized and turned into some very weird "GET DA CAINDEES!!" type of thing. But yes, initially, it was a religious celebration, known, I think, under the name of Samhain.

  • The Question is SHOULD Halloween be considered a religious holiday?

    I was raised in the Catholic church and never did I have the impression that Halloween was celebrated as a religious holiday. Yes, it has religious roots, but who--anymore--goes to church services on Halloween? It's now all about having fun and is celebrated all over the world. Japan, mainly a Buddhist and Shinto culture, loves Halloween!

  • If people of every religion participate in it, then no.

    Does it really matter where the origins are? Most holidays come from Pagan origins, which probably came from something even older.
    If nobody treats it like a religious holiday then why should it be considered as such?
    (Also Halloween is NOT satanic!)
    I am an Atheist and I participate in Halloween activities without thinking twice. Why? Because it isn't religious to me.

  • Kids need the time in school

    If halloween was considered a holiday that would mean they would have less study time. This will cause children to not do as well in school This being they will have a lower chance to pass their grade and personally I think halloween is a complete wast of time .

  • The question is: Who cares?

    If adding religion to your Halloween experience blows your skirt up, I'd strongly encourage you to design the celebrations and get your like-minded friends to join in with you.

    As for me, I'm in the big group over there. They are more interested in football celebrations.

    You might consult Bill O'Reilly. He probably has a strong opinion.

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