• Yes they should

    Recent studies have shown that for every 10 American's, there are 9 guns, but for every 10 UK citizens there are around 2 guns. And following the recent events in Florida i really think that guns should be banned full stop!! Also pistols are very very very cool.(like lightning McQueen)

  • Yes it makes sense for basic safety

    There should be a handgun ban in Washington DC. This does not take away basic rights of citizens because there is so many other places to live with a handgun. The law serves a good in that it can help protect our government and a part of the country important to us.

  • Yes they should.

    I think a ban on handguns in the D.C. area would be beneficial to the government and further insure safety of those who are the higher ups of the country. I think it would be a good thing because than anyone with a handgun can be considered a suspect during crimes.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe handguns should be banned in Washington D.C. I believe people who obtain firearms legally and follow the procedures to get a concealed license should be able to take those handguns anywhere in the United States they want. I think it makes things far more dangerous, considering criminals don't care if its legal or not.

  • It's a protected right.

    Although I personally think handguns should be banned everywhere, I do realize that we have a Second Amendment which says otherwise. The people of Washington, D.C. are American citizens and as a result, they have a constitutionally protected right to carry and use handguns lawfully. Being in proximity to the federal government should actually strengthen, not weaken, that right.

  • No, the laws need to be enforced.

    No, handguns should not be banned in Washington DC, because guns are not the problem. Rather, a lack of respect for laws and the breakdown of the family unit are the problem. Banning guns will only take guns away from people that are law-abiding. Rather, sentences need to be tougher, and there should be more law enforcement in DC.

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