Should Hans Asperger's research continue to inform current research in medicine, specifically pediatrics?

  • Yes, because it is closely associated with autism.

    Yes, since Hans Asperger is an autism spectrum disorder it needs to be taken into account by current research in medicine, most definitely paediatrics. As the rate of autism is climbing, we should take into account any research which might possibly shed light on this order. Too many children are trapped in the world of autism, unable to lead normal lives.

  • We Can Learn From Mistakes

    Hans Asberger believed in the theory that autism is something that comes from nurture and not nature. Although this has been proven incorrect by modern medicine. Something can be gained from understanding previous perspectives and advancements historically. Being wrong about the outcome of illness still involves research and development we can utilize for future advancements.

  • A bad disease

    Yes, this research should continue, because so far is has helped out a lot of people, especially children. We need to explore every option when it comes to medical treatment, and this is one area of research that has actually been shown to help out a lot of ill children.

  • As a guide

    Its important to teach and to learn older researchers who made big breaks in the fields we study, even if their ideas are a bit outdated. Yes, it is true that what he discovered is no thought of as part of an autism spectrum, but, at the same time, its a helpful guide.

  • Forms Basis for Autism

    Hans Asperger's original research formed the basis for many diagnoses of autism today. As such, Asperger's work is still relevant in contemporary pediatrics as doctors attempt to ascertain whether or not a child may have an autism-spectrum disorder. Asperger's syndrome was recently removed from the list of such disorders, but many people are believed to have some form of autism even in mild form due to their lack of social skills and reticence to socialize with other human beings.

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