Should hard drugs be legalized as a way to decrease actual use?

  • Legalizations of marijuana would decrease the illegal use of it.

    In has already been show that in California, the legalization of marijuana has already decreased the amount of illegal drug operations. By making it legal it gives one the ability to use and be judged and maintain use by both the government and doctors prescribing. As well the thrill of the illegal drug diminishes the desire for other to try and use the substance.

    Posted by: ChuckGenius
  • Drugs are only illegal due to ignorance and political gain

    Drug use is condemned and illegal due to politics, ignorance and sveral market interests. If legalised, the benefits far outweigh the consequences. Governments could control the distribution. Millions of jobs would be created. There would be an astronomical drop in crime worldwide as you are taking away their business. Tax revenue would be huge just like on alcohol and tobacco. People should have the rights to put what they want into their own bodies without being prosecuted as long as they don't cause harm to any other individual. Drugs would be 100% pure and much safer. Most people don't know that deaths from drugs such as overdoses are almost always due to the user not knowing the purity of the drug and hence takes too much of it or the impurities added can also be lethal such as the white chemical substances mixed with heroin and cocaine. One thing I will say is that in order to legalise drugs, the regulation of them must be much more strict than with alcohol and tobacco. Perhaps for hard drugs, they could provide clinics where you register yourself then go through a number of tests where the doctors would calculate your suitable dose of the drug and your name is in a system where you can only go to a clinic for a maximum of once a week to take the drug again and doctors can turn you away for a period of time if they notice abnormalities in your health or addictive tendencies as a result of the drug.
    The problem with drugs is that the vast majority (>90%) of people don't know the truth about drugs in terms of health and usage. People are brainwashed and manipulated by governments and other organisations to condemn drugs without knowing the facts and instead being ignorant and ill-informed of the true nature of said drugs. For one to consume alcohol, tobacco or caffeine and the condemn a drug user shows a hypocritical nature.

    Any informed person who has done the proper research and followed scientific studies for the true facts and not just listened to the propaganda spoon-fed to the public will see the absolute logic in legalising drugs and of course see how society is structured in a way that keeping drugs illegal and people ill-informed only benefits a select few of the hierarchy of our society - namely politicians

  • Yes.

    I admit I'm one of the people who would do something because it's not allowed. (I don't do drugs though.) Most drug users do it for the thrill of being caught. Without the thrill many will turn away.

  • Take away the feeling of rebellion

    When you take away the badassness of an action, less people would start that action, a lot of people start hard drugs to rebel. Also part of the catharsis is that you have the power, your awesome, and you are a badass. If it's legal, you are not a badass, thus it is not as cool, and you don't want to start in the first place.

  • Drugs don't actually affect anyone outside of the person who is using them, and by legalizing them, the government can set limits and have better control over their use.

    The way the system works now is that anyone can get drugs. If they know the right people, they can get any amount of drugs they want. Furthermore, none of the money goes into the economy, but rather goes to drug cartels outside of the country. Legalizing drugs will make it possible to implement limits on drug use, as well as safety and an age minimum. Furthermore, taxes from the sale of narcotics can greatly boost the economy. Like I said before, most drugs don't affect anyone physically other than the people using them. I wish the same could be said about the already-legalized cigarettes, which affect anyone who comes in contact with a smoker.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • No, I do not agree with legalizing hard drugs, because it would simply make getting drugs easier.

    Legalizing any kind of drug would allow drug users easier access to their drug of choice. In turn, this would create more drug addicts, which also usually indicates an increase in the crime rate.

    Posted by: OSerenity
  • I believe hard drugs should be legalized to decrease the actual usage of them, because the money saved by decriminalizing drugs could be focused on prevention and treatment.

    Decriminalizing drug use would save millions of dollars, by reducing the number of prisoners and law enforcement officials needed. Money saved by decriminalization could then be used to enhance and add new treatment facilities to help people beat addiction. In addition, the savings could be used to improve programs inside and outside of schools to insure that children have other alternatives to drugs.

    Posted by: RemBabix2
  • Legalization and regulation would lower the demand and make rehab more accessible for users.

    By legalizing and regulating the use of drugs, funds which are currently being used to fund the "War on Drugs" and imprisonment, could be reassigned to clinics and other out-patient facilities. Additionally, those whose lives are currently being wasted in prison, would be better able to contribute to society. Additionally, by legalizing drug use, drugs would become demystified, ending the "coolness" factor which attracts youth to the drug culture.

    Posted by: gasgallery
  • People have the fundamental freedom of doing anything they want to that does not harm others.

    Use of hard drugs, however self-destructive, doesn't hurt anyone but the user (directly) and the government does not have the right to choose what personal choices are best for the population beyond actions that harm others. If heroin, for example, was legalized, would people go crazy about using heroin? Should our government, in other words, act on the assumption that it knows best what people should do to/for themselves? This is starting, frankly, to sound like 1984 from my point of view. In addition, there is the strong argument that legalizing hard drugs takes away their mystique and allows their regulation. The netherlands and portugal have legalized soft drugs, and as a former resident of the netherlands and current resident (and citizen) of the us I can tell you that while I knew no marijuana users in the netherlands, I know plenty of marijuana users in the us. Why shouldn't the same logic apply to hard drugs, in addition to the fundamental right of us citizens to be as stupid as they like (and not have the government decide what is best for them)?

  • There would be less crime

    Hard Drugs are very costly and this causes addicts to commit crime to pay for them. Hard Drugs have a high price because the drug dealer is in a high risk of getting caught, if they caught it's all over. If it was legal prices would drop as there would no longer be a risk for the dealer is lower therefore crimes related to buying drugs would drop

  • Not only can could endanger the drug user's life, but it can also endanger the lives of those around them that aren't even on the drugs.

    Look at the drug cartel violence, the celebrities that we loved who died of overdoses or by the actions of those that overdosed, the deterioration of moral values due to the drug abuse, and the huge costs in medical emergencies. Look up the murder of Phil Hartman, or any drug-related murders that have occurred. As a matter of fact, I remember one that happened in my county.

  • I disagree, because that would just allow people to do the drugs.

    Legalizing them would just be allowing people to do the drugs. No matter what, they are still going to do drugs, so why legalize them? It would be stupid and dumb. It won't stop them from doing it. If they want to do drugs, they will do it either way.

    Posted by: ResonantBobbie64
  • No, I don't see how legalization would decrease actual use.

    How would giving people license to walk around totally stoned stop people from using? If anything, you will have more people using, more frequently. Then, we would be in a world of trouble. People walking around like zombies, with no inhibitions, is not a safe society. This is not just weed that we are talking about. Hard drugs lead to a tough high. And, I, personally, don't want someone around me or my children high off of coke, crack, or anything else. I don't want them driving down the street with me, working at my child's school, serving me food, handling my money or watching a movie at a theater with me. To legalize hard drugs is to get rid of any bit of safety that we may feel today.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • I strongly oppose the idea of legalizing hard drugs; its already causing damage enough without legal supply.

    The use of hard drugs is kept somewhat under control only because it is illegal, costly and socially prohibited. Making drugs legal would decrease their price and make it more socially acceptable. So legalizing hard drugs would only destroy the remaining barriers between drugs and the mass people.

    Posted by: SocialGalv
  • Legalization would not decrease consumption, but it could make it safer.

    People who want to do drugs would not stop doing them because they were legal, but maybe it would be safer because situations could be more controlled, as well as quality control being in effect. I think it would definitely reduce crime if not reduce quantity.

    Posted by: lachercheuse
  • I don't think legalization will decrease drug-consumption because it will cause people that weren't doing drugs to do them more.

    Legalization of drugs would cause people to go crazy and do drugs all the time. This is because for such a long time we have had laws preventing this. Those people that abide by the law would now do what was within the law. That means they would do drugs. I would love to say that the world is good, but our natural intention is to do what is wrong and doing drugs is wrong even if it were legal. It sounds like a good idea, but in reality it would make things worse.

    Posted by: T Richmond
  • If drugs were legalized this would be a bad idea because use would spin out of control.

    Drug use would not decrease just because it is legalized. I am certain if they were legalized that this would actually make people want to use them more often because they would know that it was ok in terms of the law and most likely their friends and family would be using them as well.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • Actions aren't limited to individuals

    Every wrong choice contains a small ripple for society at large. Hard drugs do not just affect the person using them in the same way that choosing not to wear a seat belt is not an isolated choice. On the macro level, an increase in accidents without seatbelts leads to more social damage for all of us. Why should the responsible people need to subsidize those who make poor choices? The same applies to *hard* drugs. They create total addicts instantly, and if they were sold on a market they would render many people in society dependent on them, which has negative implications for all of us. We rely on millions of unknown people every day; no individual lives as an island. But would hard drugs being legal definitively make their use spread? I'm inclined to say yes. I've never even seen a hard drug in my life, and I think the reason for that is because it's illegal. While it could be said that alcohol is more dangerous, many more people use it and it's more socially acceptable. As hard drugs become more apparent in the public domain, individuals who are too short-sighted to know what they are getting into will start to become more commonplace. I believe it will lead to a slippery slope that ends up with a crippled society. While I personally wouldn't use drugs if they were legalized; it is more because the illegality of it creates a negative stigma. For example, many people also have negative stigmas of marijuana, which is illegal (although I think it shouldn't be). However, mj is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. This shows that illegality creates stigma, and stigma is extremely useful in combating dangerous activities for society at large.

  • Legalizing hard drugs would certainly not decrease their use as it would encourage more people to try or use them.

    Legalizing hard drugs would only make it easier for people to try them, and with no punishment they would be more likely to want to do so. Unfortunately since hard drugs are highly addictive trying them can be disastrous. This would result in a huge increase in the use of hard drugs as more people try them and become addicted.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • I oppose the legalization of hard drugs as it would increase the amount of people just trying it out.

    If hard drugs were legalized then the stigma attached to them would be removed and more people would be apt to just try them. These people would then have a higher chance of becoming addicted, which would be the opposite effect than was desired. People currently addicted are not going to stop using just because it is suddenly legal either.

    Posted by: TMacias

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