Should hard labor be reinstated as a means to better the community through the utilization of willing, able-bodied inmates in exchange for leniency in sentencing?

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Should hard labor be reinstated as a means to better the community through the utilization of willing, able-bodied inmates in exchange for leniency in sentencing?
  • It's too easy

    Our current prison conditions have been found more tolerable than most nursing homes. Hard labor isn't a cruel punishment, it's simply a good and point-making trade. I think the extra workers would help to make the country flourish also. It would also help better the inmate mentally and physically. Leniency is a debatable term though. We can't let a man go free of a murder charge because he decided to take a factory job, but a man who is sentenced 15 years maybe get a year removed in turn for 14 years of free labor.

  • Yes. But only if voluntary.

    I think it would help if we reduced sentences in exchange for labor.

    First, this has to be limited to jobs the government is required to do and not found in the public sector. This will prevent abuse, only jobs that save tax payers money and generate no profit.

    Second, the inmates have to commit low level crimes. This is not for murderers, rapists, or violent criminals in any way.

    Third, it should be a reward and not obligated. If the criminal behaves well then they should be given the opportunity to say clean a park or sandblast graffiti. No one should be forced because this can lead to abuse by the government.

    I think something like community service instead of jail sentences for 1st time offenders or as away to reduce longer sentences. After 1 year in jail, based on ability and conduct, low level offenders should be given an exchange of 1 week of service a month as long as they behave. Perhaps for every week of service they could get in exchange a week of probation instead of jail at the end of their sentence. So if someone is in for 3 years they can do 31 months of jail and 5 months of probation. This will reward the well behaved criminals and reduce our incarceration rates a bit. The criminals that leave are still under the corrections department's eye but can transition into society a lot smoother. That way early release is based on merit and can be done to help reform some criminals. This also help improve inmate behavior because they have a reward and a silver lining. One bout of anger and they get a lot less time out of prison walls and stay in a lot longer. Plus we get communities and save tax money 2 ways. Less money housing human beings in cages and we save in paying government employees from picking up litter or other menial jobs. We also get a visual of criminals being punished and may serve as an example for children.

  • In the heat rather than in a cell.

    If they are an able bodied individual, then for sure! First. If Inmates are locked up in a cell to "think about what they've done" why not take em of the mattress and put a hammer in their hands and let them think about it while working up a sweat. Second, It's free labor. I mean look at slavery. Slavery was a bad thing but the US was built on free labor. Look what was accomplished.

  • Alternative thinking regarding incarceration

    I am well aware that it was done away with, but I believe that hard labor should be reinstated as an option for qualified and willing inmates. Not only would the inmate receive leniency on their sentencing, but the community would benefit from worth-while and meaningful work, as it improves the quality of life for the tax payers who are paying for their incarceration. Win-win, and saves the tax payers some money.

  • Inmates wasting money

    We are paying for their food. We are paying for their blankets, beds and other luxuries. We pay for them to essentially sit around all day and do nothing while the rest of us work our asses off. We should make them give back through hard labor no matter what.

  • Who wants some free labour ? Me, me, me.

    There are no shortage of people and groups who would love to have access to free labour.

    For the masses your screwing yourself, cause if some organisation can hire labour at the rate of $0 an hour.............Well you can't compete against that now can you ?

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