• Harriet Tubman freed slaves

    Harriet Tubman dedicated her life to freeing african-americans from slavery. On top of that $20 played an important role throughout her whole life. Like when she needed $20 to free families from slavery. This is very nice considering that Andrew Jackson owned more than 100 slaves and he didn't even want paper money to exist. So do you really want him to be the face of the $20 bill when he dedicated his life to rid paper money from banks? I wouldn't. And I don't think you would either.

  • She was a great african american hero

    She helped many slaves escape into freedom risking her own life knowing she can get captured and brutally flogged as she did as a child. Also the $20 dollar played an important role in her life because that's the amount she got by 3 donors who each payed her $20

  • Andrew was a killer. Tubman helped.

    Andrew Jackson drove Native Americans out of their homes then killed them till none remained left in american. Harriet Tubman saved black people by leading them through the underground railroad, not only that but after she left and was saved she CAME BACK to save others. So yeah I think that Harriet Tubman should replace Andrew Jackson.

  • She should be on it

    I think that harriet tubman should be on it because she helped free slaves and honestly that was really a amazing thing to do even though it was very risky but shes the main person who did something about it and since she did that she changed history and saying that she should really be on the $20 bill . And another thing there are no women on money a lot of women in our history did so much they should at least get a spot on the money . Thats why i think she should be on the $20 bill.

  • Jackson aided oppression, Tubman fought against it.

    Jackson committed atrocities against the native people of the Americas without the consent of the Supreme Court, better known as the trail of tears. His idea to end opposition to one of his tariffs was threatening to hang his own vice president. Tubman helped free many slaves through the Underground Railroad, as well as aiding the North as a spy during the civil war. Jackson also pushed the United States into a massive recession after ending the Second Bank of the United States, so he would likely be repulsed by the idea of his face on our national currency.

  • Yes... Of course.

    Harriet Turbman is whats good about America. Andrew Jackson is what's problematic about our history. He was the 7th president. So??? It doesn't change the fact that he owned slaves as a president and put the Indian Removal Act through congress. Yes I know you might say that during that historical period it was within the mainstream and it increased U.S. territory. There were people who opposed it and went with it. Because of this he forced Cherokees and many other Native-Americans on deadly marches out of their southern homelands, one out of every four died on what now became known as Trail of Tears. Though he helped protect America from Britain and expanded U.S. territories, he pursued the Removal Act for all the wrong reasons.

  • Harriet Tubman is an inspiring woman and Andrew Jackson is the opposite!

    I can easily say Andrew Jackson is my least favorite president. The only reason Andrew Jackson was elected was because he was extremely popular at the time. Harriet Tubman isn't just popular she is an inspiring African Americana woman who made a huge difference in the world. Andrew Jackson was a slave owner and the cause of the trial of tears! Harriet Tubman is the perfect candidate for being on the $20 bill and Andrew Jackson is far from it.

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  • She should be on there

    She was be beter person then andrew jacson because she never lost one of here 300 slave and that is why she was also very inportent to history and that is why we should vote for her and so pepol may say no but i understand so yah harriot tummon

  • Yes she should please anyone but Jackson

    As a child like now i should say Harriet should replace Jackson on the 20$ bill plus Jackson was responsible of the trail of tears and owned many slaves. Now there should be a women in the 20 dollar bill too celebrate women suffrage plus there will be in 2020

  • From reading most of the opinions here

    Just look at the first few arguments the people make on the no side compared the yes side the yes side just say that she did great things, Yeah! No kidding but was she the one that was one of the reasons of the birth of our country? No Andrew Jackson did so much more for this great nation than Harriet Tubman ever did. Disclaimer: I'm not denying Harriet's great deeds it's just the fact the Andrew Jackson did more, I'd agree with putting here on a 50 cent coin or something but I do not agree with replacing her with one of our great American heroes.

  • Andrew Jackson should not be replaced, here are some notes for my essay.

    A leader, important in making America grow, not only as a war hero, but as a successful president, that made made decisions that helped America be what is it today, is losing its honor of being on the $20 bill, and being replaced by someone else is inexcusable, no matter what that new person did.
    What he did
    Was a war hero
    Was one our most important presidents
    After research, I know that Harriet Tubman, or many other people, should not replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
    First Paragraph
    The first of many reasons that Andrew Jackson deserves to stay on the $20 dollar bill is because he fought, using tremendous amounts of bravery, he became a war hero
    His first act of bravery is being a huge part of the war of 1812
    According to Smoop.Com, “During the War of 1812, Jackson was appointed a Major General and sent to New Orleans to prepare the city's defenses against an impending British attack. His army of Tennessee and Kentucky volunteers defeated an invading British force of 7,500 men and forced the British to withdraw from the region. The political future of the "Hero of New Orleans" was secured by this victory.”
    his second act of bravery was in Florida
    where he forced the Spanish into war for Florida, as a general of the US army, during the Seminole War of 1818.
    Second Paragraph
    The second of many reasons that Andrew Jackson stay on or $20 bill is because of his amazing job as one of our 45 presidents
    First, he paid up our national debt in 1835
    and kept the nation debt free for the rest of his term, making his terms the only time the federal government was debt free, which is amazing beyond words.
    He help fund the U.S. Exploring Expedition,
    which, according to Learnodo-Newtonic.Com, “Authorized in May 1836, it was conducted between 1838 and 1842...U.S. Exploring Expedition was of major importance to the growth of science in the United States, in particular the field of oceanography.”
    He largely increased trade with numerous different countries.
    He created many treaties that allowed us to trade with places in Europe, Asia, and South America. He managed to increase exports from America by 70%, and increased imports here by a whopping 250%

  • I think dollar bills are for presidents only.

    The thought of Harriet Tubman being on the twenty dollar bill is nice, i'll give you that. But Andrew Jackson was one of our presidents. Harriet Tubman was a great woman and will always be remembered for her selflessness and bravery. My peers and I agreed it would be better if she was on a coin.

  • I think dollar bills are for presidents only.

    The thought of Harriet Tubman being on the twenty dollar bill is nice, i'll give you that. But Andrew Jackson was one of our presidents. Harriet Tubman was a great woman and will always be remembered for her selflessness and bravery. My peers and I agreed it would be better if she was on a coin.

  • Jackson should stay

    Andrew Jackson did so much for this country during its infancy. He fought the Revolutionary War; he defeated the Creeks in the Creek War and the British in the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812; he single-handedly handed the Seminole Indians and the Spanish a crushing defeat in the first Seminole War. As president, he beat the bank, eliminated the federal debt, stood down South Carolina when they threatened to secede, and, most importantly, ushered in an era of Jacksonian democracy in which their greater political power was ascribed to the common man.

  • When does plagiarizing become counterfeiting?

    There is an advantage to adding a seven and eight Dollar Note to the Federal Reserve numerical system. Add a new face add a new Note. It provides economic reliefs where it is need the most in an economy. While starting to address the issue between plagiarizing and counterfeiting within the credit market.
    Adding an increased cost by new design is not justified like security measures. While adding costs of the Note can be used to inflate profits from plagiarism which can directly affect cost of living.

  • Because its not right.

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  • Andrew Jackson was a good leader.

    Andrew Jackson moved American colonies westward. He was one of America's strongest leaders with a respected reputation and fighting experience. He was also a war hero that defeated Britain. Harriet tuber is not a hero because she financed a crazy man to kill two U.S. marines. Only about five to ten of the people she bought were not related to her. Being an American hero is saving people you don't even know or like for America.

  • SHUT up you Andrew Jackson haters. Yea only have 5 function brain cells up your butt and around the corner.

    Andrew Jackson was aw some man. He moved the colonies westward and he was a strong supporting leader. He was easily America's strongest leader compared to anyone else. He was in gun duals since he was a little kid. Plus Harriet Tuber financed a crazy man who believed god was talking to him and killed two U.S. marines.

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