• I don't see why not.

    Why shouldn't schools read Harry Potter. I don't get why people would say no. I read it in my school, why can't all schools read it. There is nothing inappropriate or any bad language in the book. What should keep teachers from reading it to their classes? ? ? ?

  • Harry potter books should be discussed among children and adults

    No its just a stupid idea waving a wand a KaBoOm!! Something magical happened. A man turned into a frog. Is this magic and should it be discussed in school NO!. It is just something foolish and we would just distort our mind and become mental or stupid if we read these stupid books. These could even destroy our mind and divert our intensions and focus on these obnoxious books of magic and fiction rather we shall read some books that have some good idea and some good information

  • Of Course, Why Not?

    Harry Potter shows children how important loyalty, friendship,bravery and love is. It teaches children so many things. The morals are more important than the grades of children.In fact, Harry Potter not teaches children moral values, it also supports children to have a love for reading. It teaches children how to feel. Many people disagree because they say that the story line is 'evil' it has Voldemort thus children should not learn about him. But, I think that since there is Voldemort and other bad characters, children should all the more read Harry Potter. Then, they will be able to learn that we should always follow the good because the bad and evil will never win.

  • Great Works Deserve Great Debate

    The "Harry Potter" series is a great body of fiction that got kids to ready books 800 pages long. Such mastery of children's literature should be discussed in school. In an almost Dickensonian way, J.K. Rowling single-handedly saved children's and young adult fiction by making reading popular again. Rowling changed modern publishing forever.

  • Harry Potter should be discussed in school because it is popular and fun to read

    Harry Potter is an immensely popular series of books and other media. In some ways it is has become a part of many cultures, including in the United States. Discussion of Harry Potter could include the controversy surrounding it. Many students have problems enjoying the literature they are assigned to read, but Harry Potter is well known for enthralling young readers with its tales. So Harry Potter could be an assignment for students that inspire them to read more.

  • Students should study other books

    I'll address each of the points to the left:

    "Of Course, Why Not?": First, the love of reading can be instilled using other books. Furthermore, it might be the case that reading the Harry Potter series might cause students to love other books less. And in real life, evil sometimes wins. To pretend otherwise is to commit a crime against these students.

    "Great Works Deserve Great Debate": How do you know whether the series is a "great work"? Children and young adults love some bad books. A popular readership does not imply a great work.

    "Harry Potter should be discussed in school because it is popular and fun to read": Do you know what else is popular and fun? Drugs. So should we teach students how to do drugs?

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