Should Harry Potter books be abolished for reading due to the presence of Satanist elements?

  • About Voldemort being satanist...

    Yes, Voldemort is a terribly mean creature. He killed without compassion, he tried to conquer death, he went as deep into dark magic as nobody had. But that that does not mean the books are defending satanist elements. At the contrary, in the books Voldemort is pictured as a despicable creature and in the "happy ending" he is destroyed. So even if the books have satanist elements, this elements are treated as they are in our world: with hate and trying always to avoid or destroy them.

  • They have witches.

    Witches support Satan in every other book of magic and wizardry. In addition Voldemort is reincarnated in a satanic body which came from a true evil force after being exposed to magic and
    loss. Harry Potter wins against the poor misunderstood noseless Voldemort. Unicorns are beautiful creatures and Voldemort ate one.

  • Wow, cant believe this even exists...

    I mean really guys, did anyone actually read or notice any Satanist elements while reading this? No, most likely not at first. If you have to analyze a book or any type of media or entertainment then your looking to deep into it. The only person it will effect is the one who searches for it. Don't look for these things because they will be everywhere. The way of science predicts hundreds of thousands and into the millions of coincidences and similarities. Don't worry about it, the demographic reading this book are older kids to maybe late teens, who will not be interested in anything satanic, if they are, then they will not read Harry Potter.

  • J.K Rowling is a Christian

    Most of the ideas in her books, she got from Greek myths. So if you want to ban Harry Potter, you'd have to ban every film/books that reference Greek myths. Also, these "satanist" elements were only considered that because Christians of the early years wanted to make pagans look bad.

  • The banning of one popular book for "satanic elements" has deeper consequences than at first glance.

    If a book such as Harry Potter is abolished then a laundry list of books ought to be abolished as well. Ironically and foremost this reason for a ban would render the Holy Bible as abolished. The Holy Bible is riddled with similar magics and "satanic elements" found in Harry Potter. Examples of these elements that can be found in the Holy Bible are as followed: resurrection of life after death, alchemy of water to wine, wizardry to control the elements of nature by splitting the sea or walking above it, voodoo to eliminate ailments such as blindness - leprosy - hearing lose - muteness - deafness, additionally, being of immense lengths of age granted by mystical means, oracles of unforeseeable knowledge granted from nonhuman means, these elements are just to name a few.
    At the end of the day, be careful what you wish and keep in mind the entirety of such a vague reason for banning such a book.

  • Ridiculous

    It's ridiculous because there are no satanic elements in the books. It is all about doing the right thing, friendship, community, hard work...everything you think makes a good society. The characters in the book are able to use magic. Apart from that, their society has the same differences in opinion, lifestyle, religious belief, superstition and everything else that our own society has. Take out the magic, and it's a tale of our own society. Harry Potter is highly recommended to young readers because he must deal with the most basic moral questions we all deal with.

  • It's. A. Book.

    Thats about all of it. It's a book, and a bloody good one at that. It has encouraged thousands of people from my generation to read, and I bet literacy rates have gone up. And it's hardly Satanistic. Harry realizes that he must die in order fir the world to be at peace, dies and is resurrected. Sound familiar?

  • There are no Satanist elements in the Harry Potter books

    This question should not even be on here. Harry Potter is about fictional wizards who perform the same type of magic as many other fictional characters that are NOT considered Satanic.

    No one who has actually read the Harry Potter books would have posted this question, unless this is a joke.

  • What a joke

    Wizardry is not a Satanistic practice. Nowhere in any of Jk Rowling's works has their been a mention of Devil or even God. How does casting a spell to levitate or flying on broom sticks have anything to do with evil or the devil?

  • No, Harry Potter is not Satanic in any way.

    I have read the Harry Potter books many times, and I am an obsessed fan. Let me assure you that in NO way does it have any presence of Santanist Elements. All information in the books are made up from J.K. Rowling. Nothing in the books are even close to being Satanist. These books encourage love, hope, family, friends, and so much more. I am completely dumb founded that this topic is even brought up.

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