Should Harry Potter have another movie coming out?

Asked by: Nepaligamers
  • We need more fandom!

    With all this negative movies are songs we need more to focus on more positive topic which Harry Potter brings us! I believe that Harry Potter should make another movie with their kids! Otherwise it won't feel complete! Also It is just so AWESOME!!! We should totally have another coming lut

  • Potterheads need their Harry Potter!

    I LOVE the Harry Potter franchise. I'd love to have another movie. Maximum Ride by James Patterson has MANY books to it's complicated series, but we don't complain about them. Harry Potter is a classic! It would be great for their to be another Harry Potter movie! What kid doesn't like fantasy?

  • The Fandom is loved, but the Fandom is complete

    Unless it were maybe a television series following Lily and James' generation, no! Leave it be! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has connected people and is cherished worldwide! Almost like when an artist finishes something PERFECTLY and steps back and NEVER TOUCHES IT AGAIN. I love you JK, but you DON'T NEED TO ADD!

  • Its a terrible movie

    There really is no plot, there is no build up just insignificant events then one big event that makes no sense, Their hero is a kid with a scratch on his head, and their villain is a bald guy with a stick
    REALLY ,
    well that's British entertainment for you.

  • EEEEW no no

    No the movies were resolved it dosent need another. Why do people want more of whats already done? Cindarela and prince charming lived happily ever after. How bout we release a movie about their marriage afterwards and their simple lives? Yeah, i wouldnt watch it either. No no no no

  • Don't ruin Harry-Potter

    If you add another movie it would ruin the plot of the entire series. Don't fix what ain't broke! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO MORE BOOKS!

  • Too many already!

    There is already too many movies about Harry Potter already! Even
    though I love Harry Potter, kids need to read other types of books, not just fantasy. Besides what is there left to write about Harry Potter? Harry Potter books also take kids away from life! They need to read about real things!

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