• Let's call a spade a spade.

    The atomic bombs were dropped on civilian targets. It was a war crime... That much really isn't debatable. We tried and convicted many people after the war that were guilty of far less. Admiral Karl Doenitz, for example was tried and convicted of carrying out unrestricted submarine warfare, in spite of the fact our own naval officers did the exact same thing and weren't even charged. In fact, our officers requested those particular charges be dropped for that very reason. We did, of course convict a number of our own personnel of war crimes, but they tended to be either particularly heinous acts or else they were scapegoats for various reasons. In any case, it's advantageous for a government to carry out such convictions in order to distract from their larger hypocrisies. It's not surprising since this is the way things have been done since time out of mind, since you know... It's not like anyone but the victors can do anything about it. It's perfectly reasonable to think that any civilization that is advanced enough to split the atom should have enough integrity to take responsibility for using that technology as a weapon.

  • The only reason he wasn't was because he was on the winning side.

    A prime example is the conviction of Karl Donitz for waging unrestricted submarine warfare. American naval officers even tried to intervene on his behalf and have this charge dropped. Why? Because they had done the exact same thing. It's pretty safe to say that had Japan won the war, both he and MacArthur would've been the first to swing for war crimes.
    To say that dropping the bombs saved lives is highly speculative. In most cases the argument is predicated on the idea that our only other choice was to invade Japan. The problem there is that Japan is an island nation, already low on supplies from years of war and with a non-existent navy. A blockade of the country would have inevitably led to a surrender. It would have taken time, but would have been unlikely to cause a number of casualties that would approach the numbers caused by the bombs. At this stage of the war, we were certainly ready to have it over with, but we were also certainly in a position to take the extra time.

  • His actions resulted in the deaths of thousands and triggered cold war

    He killed hundred thousands of civilians and did something that was useless- the Soviet intervention led to the end of WW2, not the A bombs. Although Japan has committed many atrocities eg Nanking massacre its citizens were killed by horrifying weapons of mass destruction- yet Japan wanted to fight to the death. Truman should be punished- heavily

  • He ruined civilian lives

    Although the total number of immediate fatalities in the bombing was 129,000 to 226,000 civilians, which was less than the estimated 500,000 American deaths that General Marshall estimated if they continued to fight against the Japanese Army, since they had reported that the Japanese had heavily fortified defences with heavy artillery positions and minefields, there is a difference between the civilian lives and military lives. Also, after the bombing, there were even more fatalities as the Japanese victims started to die of “radiation sickness”, and everyone was left homeless due to destruction of 70,000 out of the total of 78,000 buildings in Hiroshima. Approximately 25,000 people died of radiations sickness in the following four months after the bombs were dropped.

  • Indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians is genocide

    Americans are too self-righteous to see this, but a genocide is a genocide..... There's no justification to it. USA is still the only nation who decided to obliterate two cities with innocent lives using nukes and whatsoever may the justification to be, that's genocide and crime against humanity at it's core.

  • Bc reasons eh

    I think this bc he killed peeps and i wasnt very kind. And it wasnt that cool you know homie dawwhg you feel me homie slice o oizza like it wasnt nice to keel pepopels and i think it was bad bc reasonsa and death and stuff every where and yeah

  • A criminal he is.

    Attomic weapons since the first two have been responsible for not only a continuing tone of war on this planet but also damage to beautiful world. The government does not release to us how attomic weapons have damaged our planet. Indeed he is a war criminal not just for using but also not dismantling this deadly weapon. The united states should not only apologize but also dismantle each and ever nuke ever made. They should not only apologize Japan but also to the whole world for damage caused while they and Russia played God with Nuclear weapons.

  • If he isn't a war criminal then nobody ever was.

    This man authorised the go ahead to cause the worst ever instant death toll, he isn't the ONLY guilty party, so are the Japanese leaders too but for arguably the worst ever crime committed on man-kind this man is easily a war criminal. Otherwise there is no such thing as a war criminal. If "officially" Bin Laden is guilty of terrorism and war crimes against innocent civilians then this man who killed 75 TIMES the amount of 9/11 surely should be on the same level as Hitler, Genghis Khan, Vlad the impaler and other terrible humans also guilty of crimes against humanity.

  • I do agree he is a criminal

    Japan was obviously very weak by the end of the war, all they needed to surrender is to not being blamed as war criminals themselves and particularly their emperor Hirohito. That was obviously an weapon experiment with the price of hundreds of thousends of innocent lives being taken. Im sick even thinking of it!

  • I think no human is evil, yet we can be confused into doing violence. Harry seems one of the most confused in history.

    As a 3-year-old, I'm sure Harry S Truman would've said it's not OK for any reason to kill hundreds of thousands of people. Somewhere along the line he became confused. I think he still had a heart of gold deep down, like every human, but it got covered up... A lot. I think he should've spent time in jail, not killed or tortured, but helped to see how what he did doesn't fit with the golden rule. However, I respect views of those who disagree and think he did the right thing. Their hearts are in the right place too, because their reasoning is he was saving lives, which shows our common ground- wanting people not to be hurt or killed. Peace and love to all.

  • He Should not be tried

    Harry S Truman should not be tried for war crimes, because the Japanese had already broken countless war crimes and were not going to surrender soon as they had a pact that they would kill themselves if they embarrassed their nation. The Japanese had killed thousands of Allied soldiers in camps and thousands more at pearl harbour when they had not declared war, another war crime. The bombing of Hiroshima was not a random attack but an attack at factories, camps and other war facilities that the Japanese had tried to cover up with civilians. Lastly, the Japanese had bombed Darwin which was also a civilian area if it was too be bigger I am sure there would be high causalities to the allied forces.

  • Because he was our president if you didn't like it you could have got out because i support him

    I'm so tired of these idiots hating on presidents get your life straight before you starting talking about a great leader because these presidents have saved our life and our country more than once they deserve respect and that is what they should get deceased or living i don't care they heroes to America

  • He ended the war earlier than it would otherwise have ended and in doing so saved many lives.

    Whilst many people died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki this was under war conditions. Cities such as Dresden were destroyed by conventional weapons over a longer period of time but loss of life was great. The idea that mass loss of life caused via Atomic Weapons is more reprehensible than mass loss of life caused via conventional weapons is a flawed argument. All loss of life through violence is regrettable but in the context of war it is inevitable. Although many wars have been fought over questionable causes WWII does not fall into that category. Nazi Germany and its allies had to be fought and defeated for the good of human kind. The use of Atomic weapons in the Pacific brought WWII to an end, probably earlier than would otherwise have been the case. That can be argued about of course but Truman had to make the call at the time without the benefit of hindsight and a decision of such magnitude can always be second guessed. Truman's decision was reasonable in the circumstances and Truman is simply not a war criminal. To suggest that he is entails a severe risk that genuine 'war crimes' are not recognised for what they truly are - something which is quite dangerous.

  • I plead insanity

    Its the voices in my head, they made me drop the bomb i swear on my, and the hundreds of thousands of dead japanese lives that it wasn't my true intention to drop the atomic bomb on those terrible japs.
    Thank you for understanding.

    Your dear good friend,

    harry truman

  • He is innocent

    Pearl harbour killed hundreds of soldiers in a war that we weren't even involved in. Also, 200,000+ died in the bombings but if the bombs never dropped, tens of millions of citizens and soldiers would have died. If saving millions comes at the price of killing thousands then his cause was just.

  • He is innocent

    Pearl harbour killed hundreds of soldiers in a war that we weren't even involved in. Also, 200,000+ died in the bombings but if the bombs never dropped, tens of millions of citizens and soldiers would have died. If saving millions comes at the price of killing thousands then his cause was just.

  • It would've cost many more American lives.

    First of all,he's dead. Trying him would be a waste of tax payer money. Second of all,recently I visited a WWII veteran named Morton Waitzman who survived D-Day, St. Lo, and the Battle of the Bulge,where he sustained injuries. He told me that Truman dropping the A-Bombs likely saved his life. He was shipping out to the participate in the mainland invasion of Japan. People that are living now cannot fully appreciate the way things were then. Plus the economy thrived with him as president,so who cares?

  • It was tragic but necessary

    The alternative to the atomic bomb was an all out invasion of Japan. Many experts put the human cost estimate at 10 million Japanese soldiers and civilians and 1 million American soldiers. Can we really say that the death of 135,000 people is worse then the deaths of 11,000,000 people. Honestly?

  • Harry Truman should not be tried for war crimes.

    First, Truman can't be tried for anything because he's dead. More importantly, he is not guilty of war crimes. Dropping the atomic bomb on Japan was an act of war, but not a crime. Every combatant in the war killed civilians. Collateral damage is a reality of warfare. It is unfortunate, but unavoidable.

  • He did what was neccessary.

    Well, let's start with the obvious first: Truman has been dead for more than 41 years so trying him for anything is going to be nearly impossible. But if we could go back in time and do this, I would still say no. Truman did what he needed to do by ordering the first atomic bomb deployments in Japan. The war had gone on for far too long already, the financial and human costs were beyond sickening. Let's not forget that Japan was hardly an innocent, they did attack us first and their atrocities during the war made our transgressions look like jaywalking by comparison. Look up the Bataan Death March sometime.

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