Should Hate Crime Legislation Include Sexual Orientation?

  • We are not looking for an upper hand

    , people of the LGBT ect. Community just want to feel safe, we don't want being gay to give us an advantage, we want to have justice if someone commits a crime against someone because we are gay. There are many hateful people out there and unfortunately some of them do bad things because of it, we just want to make sure those terrible people dont hurt anyone else.

  • No Matter What, A Hate Crime Will Be A Hate Crime.

    Like many people state, Sexual orientation SHOULD be included in the category of hate crime. There are many hate crimes committed against the LGBT community for what their sexual orientation is, needless for that, I'm NOT saying the LGBT community is the only victims in the matter, hate crimes are also committed against Heterosexuals, as well. There are also a handful of reports of some people of the LGBT community committing a crime against Heterosexuals. Because of something they are, a bias, they are committing a crime against them, that is a hate crime, so, yes, Hate Crime Legislation should include sexual orientation.

  • Hate Crime is Hate Crime

    Of course sexual orientation should be included in hate crime legislation. This is sort of obvious. Any crime committed out of hate should be considered a hate crime, if it is a crime committed against one for any demographic reason. If someone of an alternative sexual orientation is killed for a personal dispute, this is not a hate crime. If one is killed because of their sexual orientation, then they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If a heterosexual person is killed by someone of an alternative sexual orientation because they are heterosexual, this should also be defined as a hate crime.

  • This is simply pro homosexual propaganda

    You can't impose your values on people simply because they do not subscribe to another person's sexual choices. As a free society we should not penalize prisoners of moral consciousness. Including sexual orientation will be a step into the dark path of criminilization of opinions. A hate crime should be based strictly on natural things like race and sex,religion. If we start to base it on individual sexual choices,then it would be a hate crime to critisize Me for believing in the cookie monster.

  • Hate crimes are just crimes

    While hate crimes illicit strong emotional reactions from the public, and subsequently calls for legislation by politicians, hate crimes are already crimes. Hate crime laws don't provide extra protection for certain groups - they place those groups separate and higher in the eyes of the laws than the average citizen.

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