• Destabilizing Democracy One Listener At A Time

    Unlike investigative reporting, Hate (AM) radio disguises itself as fact by using a news format to spread disinformation. Without an explicit statement of disclosure, Or without a legal obligation to retract intentional disinformation, These stations disrupt public discourse which would otherwise be based on reality. This disconnect from reality serves to divide and control the segments of the public to the point of no longer having an informed debate or even viable conversation.

  • Radio should be music only.

    We tune in to listen to music, Not chatter. G g hghg h ghg hg hg hg hfh fhggh fhg f g f g f gf g fg g f g f gdf df fg dfg gfd fgd fdd fd fd fd df dfdf f f fd f d d dfgh.

  • No, remember amendment 001

    What's wrong with people ranting about things they hate. Of course, it should be illegal if they make serious threats. For example, if I made a "I hate donald trump" radio station, I could list reasons why I hate him, yeah. However, if I were to say that I was planning on killing him, of course that should raise a bunch of questions. It's like the I hate dogs/I hate cats pages on facebook, they aren't that much of a threat...

  • It is free speech.

    No, hate radio stations should not be illegal, because people have a right to free speech. Unless the people on the radio advocate for violence, they should be allowed to say what they think, even if it is something that is offensive. If people do not listen, they will shut down, because they will not have an audience.

  • No, they should not.

    Hate radio stations should not be illegal, because it is the freedom of speech. Let these morons expose themselves to the world as the morons they are. If not the radio, it would be door-to-door or the internet. We can't turn a blind eye to the reality of our world.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe hate radio stations should be illegal but they should be required to play a disclaimer every so often so people can identify them as such. I think banning hate radio stations would go against free speech and I don't want the country to go in a direction where you can't speak your opinion.

  • No, hate radio stations should not be illegal.

    I think that hate radio stations should not be illegal. I think they should have as much right as any other radio station to voice their opinions. It is all a matter of free speech. And as much as we may disagree with their opinions, they still have a right to it.

  • They are free

    The thing about radio is that it is very easy to opt into and opt out of service. That is to say, you never have to turn on a radio station that you don't like. However, it is these people's constitutional right to spout off whatever hatred they want, as long as no harm is caused.

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