• Yes, hate speech should be banned.

    Speech is very powerful. It expresses thought and leads to actions. Not every type of speech is allowed, as when someone can be arrested from falsely accusing someone or falsely yelling fire when there is none. In a similar way, the speech of hate needs to be made illegal so it no longer spreads venom.

  • Bad politician's nightmare.

    How on earth would Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum survive without hate speech? If Canada can do make it a crime, then America should also try to make it's citizens respectful of all. It is so disheartenning to hear anyone provide an argument based on hate. This so unhealthy regardless of when or where it happens.

  • Who's to say what is hate speech ?

    It is easy to say that something is "Hate speech" when you dont haver arguments that beat that idea, banning "Hate speech" is banning speech and its not democratic because the person judging something that they dont agree with will tell you that It was "Hate speech" which are mostly liberals,sjw's and leftists

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