• Yes ofcourse why not ?

    Most of people think "verbal abuse is only a verbal threat.And it doesn't cause physical injuries that why it shouldn't be consider as a crime".But that's totally wrong.Verbal abuse and physical abuse are both inhuman and very harmful.There are 4,400 teen suicide death per year due to verbal and physical abuse.

  • When most people think of hate speech they think of white racists and feel that, although they may disagree with what they are saying, they should defend their right to say it.

    However, hate speech can also be a Muslim extremist standing outside a mosque, denouncing the West, whipping up support for al-Qaeda and urging the crowd to join the Jihad and attack infidels and moderate Muslims who allow their wives to leave the house unaccompanied and send their daughters to school. Such speech has led to much violence here in Britain and many people have suffered as a result, but these hate preachers are protected by their right to free speech.

  • Hate speech is dangerous, and that danger outweighs the benefit of unrestricted free expression.

    While some rigorous standards would have to be applied, American law ought to recognize hate speech as a unique form of communication that has the effect of inciting violence and creating societal harm. In most cases, speech that has a specific target and an indisputably hateful or violent goal is recognizable for what it is.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Hate speech is a form of abuse

    Physical assault is a crime, so why not verbal assault? Telling a group of people that they are selfish, lazy, stupid, evil etc just for being in that group is abusive and serves no purpose. It needs to be stopped. I know that the main driving force in allowing hate speech is that there are groups of people out there who mistake opinion for fact. Allowing this type of speech to continue just propagates the myth that my opinions are more valuable than your right not to be attacked.

  • Hate Speech Should Be a Crime

    Yes, hate speech should be considered a crime. The purpose of hate speech is to seek violence or harm upon the group that is being spoken against. As such, this causes a violation of that group's rights. Freedom of speech is important, but that freedom ends when violence or harm is being wished upon a group.

  • Is very subjective

    Something that may hurt or offend me might not hurt you and vice versa. Its all a matter of opinion and very very subjective to each individual person. And simply making something illegal wont stop people for doing it, there are always those that can an will break laws if they so wish, Thats why there are criminals in the first place.

  • With exceptions, words shall not be a crime.

    The fact of exposing your opinions as disrespectful they might be, must not be a crime limiting speech is censorship and censorship is not compatible with democracy, punishing speech make us a step closer to authoritarian government.

    Only defamation, which is a violation of presumption of innocence (as it is an universal right, not only a judicial process right), inciting violence and psychological violence through verbal abuse should be prohibited.

  • Hate Speech is Subjective

    Hate speech is inherently subjective. Thus, only those in power can define what is hate speech. Hate speech laws are simply tools used by the powerful to silence dissent. In the US, it is also a violation of the first amendment right to freedom of expression. Therefore, any US hate speech law must be ruled unconstitutional.

  • Who decides what hate speech is?

    How could you even know what hate speech is? I find talk about manythings to be hateful. I hate people who never pick up the damn phone. Others hate people who are on their phones all the time.

    Who is right? How could you possibly know?

    What hurts one person is likely a joke to another. I find racist, sexist, homophobic, and lots of other jokes absolutely hilarious. So do billions of people. Should that be illegal? Why? It seems like anyone could be offended by anything.

    If you give people an inch they will take a mile.

    Besides the government loves to take freedoms away and replace them with means to charge people money.

  • Hate speech as a crime is just dumb---no offense

    Hate speech is just one of those things that isn't a good thing and it isn't a bad thing. But we have to live with it anyway. Otherwise the American democracy does not exist. It is of the utmost importance that everyone be heard no matter if we don't like what they say.

  • What's the point of having a Freedom of Speech

    Everyday people go around saying things based off of emotions or experiences. Why should people be limited on how they express themselves. I think that it is pretty sad how african americans can call each other the "N" word without taking it offensively but when a white person or a latin person calls them that they get upset. But such as the story goes. If people were to criminalize speech, prisons would be flooded with people who just said something that someone else didn't appreciate or agree with. I think that it is very disappointing that people would be so sensitive to words. It's like the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, has been completely forgotten. I can't recall a time where words killed anyone. People kill people, people hurt people and people hurt themselves words are nothing but exhausted oxygen that can go through one ear and out the other.

  • It's way too broad.

    If you want hate speech to be considered a crime you're going to infringe on many people's rights, as what a person considers "hate speech" is relative. If I believe your pronunciation of a word is wrong and I feel offended then I guess that's hate speech because I said so. Unless there's going to be a codified list that every single individual agrees upon unanimously and new words are voted in, then sure, make hate speech illegal. I also find it funny that those who support movements such as this are a-ok with anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-"majority" speech and sentiment, but god forbid anti-semitic, "islamophobic", homophobic, anti-black, etc. Speech. I am not speaking as a victim, but I find the hypocrisy outrageous. I don't condone any discrimination, but once someone considers my assumption on something that should be obvious like gender to be offensive and that I can be charged for it is outright outrageous. This notion disgusts me in every which way—socially and legally.

  • It is a violation of our constitution

    Hate speech may be unpopular. It may be controversial. But do we have to listen to it? Yes. Should we stop it? No. Because, although there are certain restrictions on freedom of speech (e.g. intentionally causing a panic in a public place) hate speech does not violate our constitution. And as Americans who want to keep our constitution alive, we need to allow certain words to be said.

  • Is this even a question?

    A crime? What are we a dictatorship? Hate is wrong and downright discriminating and dangerous, but if you want to make it illegal, you might as well start a dictatorship. People have the right to say and do as they please. It's in the constitution. Although this is border-line life threatening, it is an uncontrolled offense. Every high school student would be in juvenile detention and the majority of all adults would be in jail. Rah person has feelings and openly shares them with one or multiple people. It is a part of the disgusting side of humanity, but it is what it is. That's what anti-hate, pro-life, pro-homosexual, pro-equality, and anti-racism, bullying, etc organizations are for. They help stop these hateful acts, but you can't control it by putting the whole world in jail. It's unethical, unconstitutional, and unreasonable.

  • Hate Speech

    What would consist of hate speech? Would it be tone, words, what? Not to mention like it or not the Constitution decrees freedom of speech, so how could a right be illegal? Although it sounds nice to have everyone speaking nicely to each other, it would limit how we can interact with each other. No one has a right to be liked by me.

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Whats with the picture dont tell me you think thats hate speech