• Why hats should be allowed

    Okay, now in this I am going to bring up 3 main points people use when supporting this the no hat rule, and then I will tell you why they are completely ridiculous. Sound good? Okay. FIRST POINT. One of the most common arguments for the no hat rule is that someone could keep contraband on their person under a hat, and to that I say, I could keep contraband in my shoe. I could keep it in a purse or in my pockets or my sleeves, I could probably even keep contraband in my book bag or locker. My point it, the hat is not the only way to hide something that shouldn't be in the building. If anything it is a terrible option for doing so because you have to walk with perfect posture and actively balance whatever you are sneaking in. That in itself is extremely suspicious and can lead to someone getting caught easily. Why ban one of the hardest methods of sneaking in contraband through clothing while keeping the easier and more reliable methods? POINT NUMBER 2. Another arguement I see a lot is the "But it's tradition" arguement. To that I say, do yout know when the no hat rule was conceived? The second we had both hats and buildings, I'd say. Now incase you aren't aware, that can be ancient Egypt. Society has changed a lot since this rule was first imposed, and I think it is time we get rid of the stupid crap that our great (x100) grand parents made in order to help THEIR society. I don't know if you see it, but this society is different from 30,000 years ago. Yet we are still using random rules imposed for a society that didn't have what we have. Didn't have the knowledge or the diversity we have. Cmon guys, move on. POINT NUMBER 3. "It's disrespectful" now this one is the one I think it most ridiculous. If you see someone wearing a hat inside, does that offend you. Does that trigger you? If it does then you might need a little more help than my statement to help you in more ways than one. I mean, the only reason you think that is because someone told you it was. How about you decide if you are "disrespected" by something by yourself and not let your parents tell you what offends you. I rest my case.

  • Yes yes yes

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes you happy now?

  • Freedom of expression

    I believe that America is taking away people's rights. Students should be allowed to wear a hat as long as it doesn't distract them or others from learning. United States is supposedly a free country and so it should quit taking away people's rights. Where do we draw the line?

  • It is ridiculous that they wont let us wear hats.

    All of the arguments against hats are for the most part a load pf BS. Its disrespectful? How its just a hat. Lice? Well just discourage hat sharing and if the students still do it its at their own risk. Distracting? Well not all hats are distracting, as long as its not a giant hat such as a sombrero than it wouldn't be too distracting. If the hat has a phallic symbol or is not school appropriate than it makes sense not to allow it, but as long as its a perfectly inoffensive hat than it should be fine.

  • Oh yeah, totally

    There really is no point in not doing so. I think everybody else has said enough to explain, but I'll go ahead and say that the lice argument is ridiculous. Don't prohibit hat sharing, just discourage it. If students share hats afterwards, it's at their own risk. Also, words words.

  • What's the deal with hats?

    As a student and a millennial we didn't grow up with the same rules as the teachers might have. This is something I've always wanted to know, what's so wrong about wearing a hat in school. If it's part of who you are and how you dress, why should you have to take it off. Are they distracting? I don't think so.

  • Hats don't hurt anyone

    Not allowing hats is absurd and the logic behind it makes no sense. Some say that it affects behavior but I am an honors student who rarely gets in trouble except the occasional wearing a hat in school because I forget I have it on when I walk in. Others say that you could hide your face or maybe hide things in the hats and that doesn't make sense because unless you're wearing a sombrero I don't think that you'll be able to hide your face and I can hide things in my backpack or pockets so that argument is invalid. Now hoods I can understand about hiding their face but hats are different. Lastly some older adults or people grown up in the south believe that wearing hats in the building is disrespectful but this originates from Christianity and last time I checked we were making school an all religions welcome so I don't understand why this rule still applies.

  • We should be allowed to wear hat's

    We should be allowed to wear hat's because they allow us to express ourselves and school's don't actually have eny good reason's why we can't wear hat's. They say we can't wear hat's because they can't see our face or because we're covering up lice and crazy stuff like that but that's crap next they'll be saying we can't wear pants because it causes zebras to molest baby's and stuff like that. So stop being douchebags and let us we're hat's.

  • Helps me see

    As a guy with long hair I usually can't see very well if I don't have a way to hold up my hair. I have trouble using Ponytails and bandannas, while a hat can be easily applied and/or used. I may not need one but it sure would be nice to use one.

  • Respect is invalid

    People think it's disrepectful to wear hats but that is crap. I am a teacher and not even I can wear a hat because of the "respect" issue. That's how it was in like the 1900's. Also people think it could be a gang issue but they could just wear shirts or anything else. Kids find a way around these things. People also think they can commit crimes because their face is hidden. If someone is commiting a crime they will find a way to hide their face no matter what. Lastly people say that the hats are inappropriate. I see people with inappropriate shirts everyday and there would be no difference. Just ask them to take it off. I think that wearing hats should be completely okay with schools.

  • There ugly and no respect

    Gang colors there no respect hiding guns and drugs there is so much and i got to say no and people think there cool because they wear hats they have bad things on them . Teachers don't like them either. Some people make fun of people have really ugly hats.

  • No hats rule is a safer environment

    Hats allow a person to go unseen in the view of a security camera. A person who violates school protocol can commit the act in plain view of cameras without their identity being outed. Naturally kids can try to push boundaries in the school, getting into other's lockers or breaking into a classroom. Hiding under a hat could make these acts easier to get away with.

  • Just adding on

    I hope you have a good day and then you can go back to school from your school or iPad and your phone and you can tell them how it works and then they can go to Jacob then they have a school and find them and then you show them you have something.NOW IM ADDING ON TO WHAT I SAID IN MY LAST ANSWER: I would rather have sex with my sister than wear a hat and get distracted and bad grades.

  • Hats keep head heat in

    If you are wearing a hat you have less chance of getting sick. Because you lose most of your from your head if your wearing a hat it keeps the heat in your head allowing you to get sick less. Getting sick is bad because you vomit have a fever and feel terrible

  • Hats in general should not be allowed as an everyday thing for schools

    Hats in a learning environment could cause distractions in the classroom. For example, a hat can fall off or be snatched off of someones head at anytime during a class discussion or a directional activity. A hat can also be a distraction by it being too tall or too vibrant to the student sitting behind whoever has the hat. Hats can carry lice and other bugs or can be unsanitary to the next person to wear the hat.

  • Respect and etiquette

    It is an old military tradition that started to respect the monarchy. It is still done in the military , in government buildings, in a house of worship, schools, funerals, libraries and during a parade if a national flag passes. Out of respect and etiquette we carry this tradition on. Society has these rules like holding a door open or saying thank you. We could live without them but our society works better with them.

  • No, hats should not be allowed in school.

    Hats should not be allowed in school, because they can be distracting when present in a classroom. The shadow a brimmed hat can cause can also make it difficult for a teacher to see if students are paying close attention during a class lecture. Perhaps one of the main reasons they shouldn't be allowed is that they are a very casual or sporty accessory, and may encourage kids not to take school seriously.

  • Sport teems logos

    I am a sharks fan and i have a sharks hockey hat and if someone flips off my hat that is lets say a Penguins fan then i will react and ether punch them cuz they got to close to my hair (i am a girl what can i say) or do the same thing and flip off there hat. But the thing is that people react and go straight to the punch and then that starts a fight.

  • Hats Are disrespectful

    They are very distracting and many adults say they are disrespectful and unneeded. Just because you look cool does not mean they should be aloud in school. HATS SHOULD NOT BE ALOUD IN SCHOOL. They are unsanitary and carry germs. Teens think it is cool but it is not cool carrying germs around all day.

  • Hats are distracting.

    Hats can be very distracting and could block others view. Especially if they are bright, colorful, and big. They could also hide cheats for tests and other bad things. Hats could also become a toy while the teacher(s) aren't looking. And the school wont be responsible if it gets lost or stolen. Hats are an outside attire.

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