Should have more or less studying stujects at school

Asked by: LEOzodiac
  • Clearly, there is not enough

    The OP provides the argument as to why more studying and subjects are needed in schools. We should start with spelling. The word "Subjects" is spelled in the image OP chose, but in the proposal it is spelled "Stujects".
    Also grammar needs to be added, obviously. The proposal reads as such: "Should have more or less studying stujects at school". I am not usually a stickler for grammar, but this sentence lacks a subject noun. Who should have more or less subjects? Students? Teachers? The pet hamsters?

  • We already have too much

    At school we ahve about 13 subjects that is too much we can hardly study properly .Beside study at school we also have other things to do like houseworks , playing , reaxing , club things ,.. We cannot spend all the time for studying we got a lot of things to do beside that

  • Its not about the amount of subjects but the way they teach

    It's ok to have 10 subjects, it's hard indeed but aint that bad, because every subject develops your brain or writing abilities or adds to your knowledge, which is extremely important.
    However the method of schools is NOT OKAY. Students should study for knowledge, not for grades and tests which u wont remember the material a minute after u step out of the class. It should be about wanting to know, and learn, and not about having to.

  • Ideally, #Infinity subjects

    There is no limit to the amount hat a student can learn. Schools are structured like a factory currently, but with the help of technology and more-adaptable educators and administrators, we should pursue a transition to having schools that support student-directed acquisition of knowledge.

    We can evaluate the knowledge to be acquired to ensure it is of quality, but ultimately the student is going to learn best when the student is pursuing his or her own goals, not the rigid tracks set before them by someone else.

    But more importantly, such a student will learn *to* pursue their own goals. For now, we have way too many students trying to pursue the goals of someone else. That's good for an oligarch that wants compliant workers, but it's bad for innovation, and for a society that needs competent, independent leaders.

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