• Yes, for very clear reasons.

    Regardless of what ANYONE says (that means you single parent, yes YOU.) a child (and this is a proven FACT) Needs both parents and they are critical to having healthy way of thinking and perceiving the world. All children NEED both PARENTS, can it be done with one? Sure. It it the best option? No. Not to mention people go having kids when they can barely support themselves but want to have a baby!? Ridiculous. Sacrificing your childs wellbeing to fulfill your own desires is selfish and those people should not be having kids. Before bringing life in this world you should have a stable, trustworthy partner and a strong relationship, and good financial standing.

  • The child deserves nothing less.

    If you give birth to a life then it is your responsibility, this should only be something that has been carefully thought out. Sexual intercourse has serious and real consequences, if a couple are not prepared to raise a child (even an impaired child) then they have no business having sexual intercourse.

  • Yes, for everyone's sake.

    I think that it is absolutely important that having a child be a rational decision. To have a kid based off of an emotional decision is a very poor course of action, and will lead to much regret for all parties. Raising a child is not easy, and should be taken seriously.

  • Yes, rational is best

    As a mom, I can easily say that you can prepare all you want for having a child--but you're never fully ready for being responsible for another life. There is always something you didn't expect or something you didn't think you would have to manage. Making an emotional decision about whether or not to have a child does not help you begin to prepare; you should seriously take time to consider whether or not you can provide a stable home for a child. Wanting a baby is one thing; being able to care for it is another.

  • Yes, having a child should be a rational decision.

    Having a child is a major responsibility that far too many families take too lightly. Having a child will change your life for at least the next 18 years, and possibly until you die. You not only have to plan for a larger budget (food, clothes, school and college) but you have to be prepared for worst-case scenarios (child born with serious deformity). The world is already overpopulated and can not handle more unwanted, spoiled, under-educated children.

  • It should be decided

    I think that family dynamics are always much better for the child when it is apparent that the parents came to the decision to have a child after careful consideration, rather than the child being an "accident". Also, parents should only do it after they have considered the outcome, not just because of an emotional decision that was made hastily.

  • Not Necessarily A Rational Decision

    What is a "rational" decision anyways? And what's an "emotional" decision? If I rationally decide to have a kid because I believe I'll be able to help him get into Harvard doesn't that mean I'm emotionally attached to the idea of my kid going to Harvard? If I rationally decide not to have kids because I don't believe the neighborhood is safe doesn't that suggest emotions about the safety of a potential child in the neighborhood?
    Everything involves emotion in some way, emotion is needed for goals. Being "rational" is just the reconciliation of emotion.

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