Should having sex not be allowed for under 18 years old ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes,i agree it should

    Teens and children shouldn't have sex because this often lead to teen pregnancy.I believe having sex should only be allowed for people above 18 years old.Sometimes teens aren't responsible,careless and immature when they have sexual relationship such as they don't prefer to use condomn or eat medical that protect from pregnancy .

  • Yes, it should not be allowed

    Ideally, I would prefer the age to be 20, because before that most people aren't really mature enough to make a responsible decision. The result is single mums that live off benefits that the responsible kids end up paying for in taxes.
    I don't think there is a way to enforce it though, as even the current legal age isn't really enforceable.

  • Yes,they are too young

    Children brain aren't fully develop to make mature decision or foresee the consequence of their action and this could lead to exploitation and abuse.Sex between two consenting minors are as wrong as well because both of them shouldn't given legally of consent by law in having sex.Yes it should not.

  • Too young to choose

    Lots of adults do sexual acts that they end up regretting. At least let the law have some mercy on children by protecting them. We should protect innocence while it lasts. Also unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy and abortion. I believe abortion is murder. We don't want to turn kids into murderers.

  • No . . .

    No ! What a weird Idea, puberty is around 10-13 year old, that's crazy to wait 8 years to make love ! I don't know if it's is the same in america, but in my country this is kind of a shame to still be virgin after having 18yo... And a law would be totally useless, teens would still have sex.

  • Haha Of Course Not

    No of course it shouldn't be. When I was a teen, my favorite memories were of going out to parties then taking girls up to the bedroom to have some sex! If both people consent, it should be fine right? My buddies and I use to hold contests to see how many girls we could bang in a week. You win some, you lose some. Even if you lose, it shouldn't mean that others can't have fun.

  • It's their choice

    We can't make choices for people if someone wants to have sex they can. This isn't the government's business it is private. If you don't want your kids to have sex enforce it on your own. Not to mention that it wouldn't help at all. I needed to fill in more words.

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