• Yes, They Should!

    Animals that are not fixed can get loose and make other dogs have pups/ have cats have kits...
    It should be a law UNLESS you have a license to breed them. 100,000s of animals are euthanized every year because they don't have a home. Spay and Neuter should be required.

  • Its the responsible thing to do

    If this became law the number of strays, neglected amd abused animals would deceease dramatically. I think that you should have to aquire a liscence with strict regulations in order to breed an animal. Regulations that include several vetinary visits per year to ensure he animals well being. Other than that spay amd neuter peolple because the insane number of suffering creatures is just too high. If this became law thenaybe we could save them all.

  • In What if Land?

    Imagine if the humans were the pets and their was a higher species that saw us as its lesser. Put yourself in your pets shoes when you are caring for it and see if you are really truly caring for it. You shouldn't be able to choose whether or not your pet has the abillity to have children. That's just not right.

  • No, why would we do this?

    I share the concern of those who promote spaying and neutering. I abhor the fact that million of animals have to be euthanized due to the ignorance and carelessness of pet owners. Law should require appropriate care for pets but to enact a law requiring that all pets be fixed would be extreme and unwarranted. Many people enjoy seeing multiple generations of their pets. They care for them and handle them properly. Spaying and neutering should be considered by pet owners but it shouldn't be mandated.

  • What's next, kids?

    Some children don't grow up to be great people, and could impregnate other people and they would have 'pups' that they don't want. If we make a law that people get fixed as soon as they are born we will cure the world hunger problem in a few years and all will be good.

    Pick a species and if you want them eliminated then make it mandatory to neuter them.

  • How could they repopulate?

    If all the pets were spayed and neutered, how could they repopulate? This is a bad topic. The species would die! Why would you even do that? It is the owner's choice. Why make a law? Leave it to the owner's judgment. I think there should not be a law that would kill a species!

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