Should Hawaii become an independent country?

Asked by: casnail
  • This is our ʻĀina and our kuliana to get our kingdom back!

    When I read by the time 2017 the U.S wouldn't be able to support themselves so some states would depart from the country.. Hawai'i is already its own country... With people occupying it! It will never be weak in economics or military, our people are smart and creative thinkers! We would make treaties with all Polynesian countries... Then some of the super powers... But I wonder can the kingdom of Hawai'i ever become a world super power itself and considering how small it is? But we have been before there was a UK OR U.S OR JAPAN OR CHINA! We are the caretakers of the ʻĀina of hawai'i and the owners of it! Anybody who is not from here are all occupiers of OUR KINGDOM!

  • The U.S is collapsing

    The world bank, runned by the U.S, which keeps much of the value of the U.S dollar afloat is collapsing due to AIIB. AIIB is a China led financial institution that many of the world have already or have plans to join. By 2017 the U.S will be in turmoil, we will not be able to sustain our economy to due to famine. Many of us will not be able to afford clothes, technology, and food like we do today. By that time there will most likely be a severance of power in the U.S. Hawaii will become an independent state, and various parts of the U.S will secede. Therefore Hawaiian Republic is imminent.

  • Illegal Occupation and Annexation; + Later Disregard for Hawaiians as a Recognized Native American people

    I recall that the U.S. Marines occupied the Islands by order of the American Ambassador, and later the U.S. beefed up it's military in the islands and overthrew the Hawaiian resistance fighters until it became annexed (through the votes of the U.S. military on the ground for the Vietnam War). Who watched the news a couple years ago, where the Hawaiian people took Obama to Supreme Court over sovereignty promised by America through an official document- which of course was overturned?

  • Hawaii should become its own nation

    In 1898, Hawaii was illegally overthrown using military forces. Hawaii was betrayed by a group of its own civilians who were American businessmen that wanted to physically remove Queen Liliokalani from the thrown. They said they would kill 6 Hawaiian people or she could agree to remove herself and the queen could not stand letting any blood be shed so she surrendered and let them arrest her. I believe that this was very wrong and who the hell should do this when AMERICA was built on the idea of freedom and they are totally captivating Hawaiians and not even letting them have what was originally theirs.

  • He who sacrifices freedom for security don't deserve either.

    If the Hawaiians want to be a free country, they have the natural right to do so, whatever the constitution says. Even if they will be economically and militarily weak, if they want to be free they are justified. Besides, we weren't right to conquer them in the first place. We must ask them Hawaiians; "What do y'all want?". At any rate, there are already sovereign polynesian states which get along just fine.

  • Racially segregated, culture not accepted

    Hawaii is racially segregated. People of all races may get to vote and have the same rights,but all other races have higher status than Native Hawaiians. Plus they can't use there native language in there own state in public, the official language should be Hawaiian. In india every state has a state language and is taught in schools as a first language. Then they learn the national language. Hawaii was also wrongfully conquered,the USA is constantly fighting for people's independence but yet they won't give independence to Hawaii.

  • Hawai'i Was Never Eligible for Statehood

    In 1898 President McKinley signed a joint resolution with the Hawaiian Kingdom, which at the time was declared an independent, neutral nation, a recognized member of the Family of Nations. As a member of the Family of Nations, Hawai'i supposedly had protection from other members who would try to interfere with the internal affairs of the nation. America illegally landed its military ships there for resupply during the Spanish-American War. People assumed a Treaty of Annexation was signed, but that was never the case. A Treaty of Annexation is signed by both parties, Hawai'i and the USA; however a joint resolution is one-sided, signed only by America. Because Hawai'i was never truly annexed, it was never a territory of the United States. Because it was never a territory, it was never eligible for statehood; thus, Hawai'i is still an independent nation under international law.

    Posted by: jch
  • It's still originally a Polynesian Settlement

    Hawaii should be back as it was, the USA annexed it only because sooner or later Japan would had took it, if Hawaii cannot be independent, then at least give it to Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the UK for that matter, Hawaii should be independent like Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia (although it's in the French hands).

  • It's still originally a Polynesian Settlement

    Hawaii should be back as it was, the USA annexed it only because sooner or later Japan would had took it, if Hawaii cannot be independent, then at least give it to Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the UK for that matter, Hawaii should be independent like Samoa, Fiji, New Caledonia (although it's in the French hands).

  • USA's Ironic Principles

    Americans speak about how there country is the land of free etc. and how they supposedly 'won' the revolutionary war against the UK, but there are just in denial if they celebrate democracy and the freedom of speech so much then they should be able to give Hawaii the independence it craves but instead you use it as a naval base and occupy it.. Which goes against the ideals of Americas founding fathers.

    If Hawaii wants independence then they should have it.

  • Its not in their best intrest

    If Hawaii becomes independent the US can just cut off all supply's to Hawaii anyway we have navel ports there so why should they? .. . . . . ......... ... ........... .. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Another Idiot Question. When will silly questions stop?

    No state in the USA can decide to leave the Union. This was tried by the Southern States in 1860, which resulted in the Civil War.

    When Abraham Lincoln was elected as president in 1860. Southerners thought the government was becoming too strong. They did not think the government had the right to tell them how they should live. Southerners felt if they stayed in the United States, the North would control them.

    Some southern states decided they had no choice. They decided to secede, or leave, the United States. South Carolina was the first to leave the Union and form a new nation called the Confederate States of America. Four months later, six other states seceded. They were Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana. Later Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee joined them. The people of these states elected Jefferson Davis as president of the Confederacy.

    The northern states were called the Union. President Lincoln said he would fight to keep the southern states as part of the United States. There were Union forts on Confederate land. The Confederates wanted Union soldiers to leave these forts. In Charleston, South Carolina there was a Union fort called Fort Sumter. The Union soldiers refused to leave this fort, so the Confederates fired cannons at the fort on April 12, l861. This was the beginning of the Civil War.

    Anyway, what a dumb question!

  • Hawaii would be at the mercy of greater powers

    Any state/entity vying for independence would have to first be able to make alliances that would allow for it to survive in the international arena.

    By seceding from the US, Hawaii would automatically make an enemy out of the biggest fish in the pond, thus dooming any concept of nationhood before it even got a chance to solidify.

  • No USA supports

    The United States supports Hawaii and the state is so used to relying on the US that if they became an independent nation, it would simply be taken over. It uses too much oil provided by the U.S.A. That separation would be disastrous to it's economy. It needs the U.S. And the U.S. Supports it.

  • Why would i go back in time?

    I dont think so,. Simple reason being. There would be to many Hawaiians who would want to run the show. Oh sure theyll agree on some things that would benefit them at the time but not all of it. Sooner or later they'll be fighting each other again..
    The younger generation with the tough guy attitude as well as 65 to 75% or more of the adults will not follow the rules at all.
    Lack of education and morals and respect is lost here.

  • Reality check mate

    Its not the question of should its a question of can. And the answer is no. It will turn into a poor country with racism at it core in "hawaiins" being king at the table, your welcomed to the table but dont think the share is equal even if they say so , dont be gullible. Hawaii has no weapons to defend itself from countries that might take a stab at it. How can they make business and economy grow since thy dont favor buildings or disruption of land for a simple telescope which has been scientifically addressed as non harmful. These people have no concept of reality they bitch for a hand out in that society owes them more because of their born rights. And the laws? Talk about not going there...They can live in the stone age if thats what they want with no internet or social media of any kind, or form of transportation for all i care, and the healthcare where they gona get healthcare lmao, narrow minded dumb asses that think they are self righteous and everybody else is wrong.

  • To simply put it, it's a vacuous proposal.

    Admit it. Hawaii cannot survive this century without the U.S. or any other country. It will fall apart. I think most pro-independence people fail to recognize the consequences which will follow. It will be devastating. How else will Hawaii make money if it becomes independent? Tourism? It would seem ironic for a pro-independence person to say yes when realizing it is those people who wants to shut down Waikiki. I get it; Hawaii was illegally taken and seized by Americans. I understand Hawaii should not have been eligible for statehood. But that is the past; it's too late.

  • Seems a bit unrealistic.

    Okay, I know that Hawaii was illegally taken and seized. I understand the people were exploited. I also understand how vacuous and ridiculous it is to give Hawaii independence. Sorry, but it's sort of true. I think it could have been possible several decades before. Then again, another country (such as Japan or Russia) could have occupied Hawaii. Independence is not a solution; more attention to the Hawaiians is.

  • Vegas Baby !!!

    Hawaiians love Las Vegas. There's almost as many of them there as here in Hawaii. The concept of everyone who isn't Hawaiian being forced to leave and the remaining few forging ahead in prosperity is absurd. The first thing to go would be flights to Vegas. Then they'll regret their decision.

  • Democracy is what matters

    The overwhelming majority of people in the state of Hawaii oppose it. This is the only thing the matter. Self determination and democracy apply to the present inhabitants of a territory regardless of whether historical wrongs have been committed. If an independence referendum was carried out in Hawaii it would overwhelmingly lose.

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