• Yes it should.

    Yes, hazing and initiation rituals are old fashioned and barbaric and they have no place in sports or in higher learning institutions. It should not be considered a valid defense to say that it should stay because it is tradition. There are many traditions that hang around for a long time that are horrible. You shouldn't have to undergo mental or physical harassment to engage in sports.

  • Hazing and Initiation rituals in Sports

    I personally think that hazing and initiation rituals in sports should be banned today because it is behavior that is humiliating, dangerous, as well as illegal. I personally think that hazing and initiation rituals in sports especially inappropriate behavior should be banned today. I personally think that it has put a huge affect on players.

  • No, hazing and initiation rituals in sports should not be banned today

    It is a rite of passage to participate in hazing or initiation rituals in sports. If this is taken away, teamwork is lessened and the level of competition of all teams would be reduced. Furthermore, banning it will simply push these rituals underground, so that no one knows about them. It is better to allow these events, so that they can be monitored to ensure that no one is in any real danger, than to make teams hide them.

  • No, hazing should be banned.

    Hazing and initiation rituals have one goal, and that's to humiliate the person they're being performed on. It has recently been discovered that even the NFL has problems with players picking on other players. This is bad sportsmanship, and it won't encourage players to gel as a team. It also sets a bad example for kids who play sports.

  • No, hazing is usually harmless and funny.

    I think sports hazing is hilarious and there is no way it should be banned. If a team is doing something horrible and inhumane, then ban it for that specific team. But don't put a general ban on sports hazing. The players and fans usually seem to enjoy it each year.

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