Should HBO recast the role of Denys Mallister for the hit series "Game of Thrones"?

  • They have already recast several actors.

    They have recast Gregor, Tommen, and Darrio. They have recast The Mountain twice now. And The Mountain has less lines than Mallister. Mallister may be merely a supporting character but his presence in the story is a necessary one. The series may run for 8 + years. Recasting some actors is inevitable and unavoidable.

  • No, they shouldnt recast.

    No, they shouldn't recast the hit series " Game of Thrones". HBO you just answered your own question. Why would you recast actor Denys Mallister if the show was a hit. I think the series was awesome with him in it. If you recast him do you think you would have a different outcome?

  • No need to recast

    Denys Mallister is a fairly minor character in Game of Thrones. There is not need to recast the part as the story will not change very much without him. There are so many characters that have already been dropped or combined with others that this small change is no big deal.

  • Not a big enough character to bother replacing,

    Denys Mallister is not as important of enough character in Game of Thrones to justify replacing. Any scenes with him can be done with other characters, or even just left out. recasting his role will just lead to confusing non-hardcore Game of Thrones fans, which is bad in a show that already has a ton of characters to keep straight.

  • No, Denys Mallister is a very small part and not integral to the story line

    No, the role of Denys Mallister in Game of Thrones later books is a terrific character, however the death of the actor JJ Murphy prior to playing the role on screen, does not warrant a recast of the character. The role is small and the director can easily work around the character's part in the story line. May JJ Murphy rest in peace.

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