• Healthcare is a right.

    Our health care system is disintegrating. Today, 46 million people have no health insurance and even more are underinsured with high deductibles and co-payments. At a time when 60 million people, Including many with insurance, Do not have access to a medical home, More than 18, 000 Americans die every year from preventable illnesses because they do not get to the doctor when they should. This is six times the number who died at the tragedy of 9/11 - but this occurs every year.

  • Not sure about this.

    When I first hear this question, I think "Yeah, Obviously, People should have a right to health care". However, Isn't it also true that you do not have a right to someone's labor? As in, You don't have the right to tell someone "Hey, Cure me" or "Hey, Take care of me".

    Ever since I heard this argument, I've started to think that health care is not a right, But I do believe that people have a moral obligation to help those that they can.

  • Responsibility should be on the person seeking healthcare. Not the general populace or government.

    While it does suck that some people have no access to healthcare, It is not the problem of everyone else to supply it for them. Fundamentally, Healthcare cannot be a right since it requires the labor of another person to obtain. You cannot force people to work for free, And you cannot force people who spent hundreds upon thousands of dollars in medical school to settle for crumbs just because low-income families and the unemployed are demanding free healthcare. Trust that the government would not pay these doctors and nurses fairly.

    We would be penalising those who are contributing to the infrastructure and stability of our country by forcing them to pay a higher proportion of taxes to cover for these people. Your financial position is not everyone else's problem, And its immoral to force others to reduce their own quality of living to provide for those whom we are unlikely to receive worthwhile contributions to society from. These are functionally useless members of our society whom would yet again be taking more than they are providing. As callous as this sounds, Not everyone is a worthwhile investment of time and money.

    Government-run healthcare would also be a joke of a system, As evidenced by the idiots currently serving our country at the moment who can't go 5 minutes without insulting each other and who work against the needs of the people on a regular basis.

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