• Yes, Health is the Genuine High

    Drug addicts lead miserable lives. Some scrabble for their drugs, using any means necessary to get their stuff. Others shut out the world with a cheap safe high like excess alcohol or legal pot. They do not even know they have left the real world of relationships, achievements and actual experiences. Some people go too far in their quest for health, spending too many hours in
    the gym or on the track, but they don’t damage themselves physically, and they often form real relationships among other “health nuts.” How can anyone even wonder? It’s better to be healthy.

  • Drugs are the only way to get high.

    Drugs are legal in many places and people can use them responsibly for recreational purposes. Alcohol and tobacco are legal in most places, and marijuana is becoming legal in more places these days. If someone wants to enjoy these drugs, and they do not break any other laws or harm anyone in the process, it is their right to do so.

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