• Marijuana taxes bring in enough to cover health care!

    We should be using the insane/greedy amount of money being generated by marijuana tax to pay for universal health care. If Portland OR has 47 dispensaries and they pay the state $40,000 a month to keep their doors open and at least $7000 a week in taxes on sales this is close to $38 million a month. FREE HEALTH CARE! Or lets feed the hungry, homeless children in the community! This country needs to wake up!

  • Those who pay tax should have health care coverage

    Mother with children, disabled or handicap, and seniors should receive Medicare or Medicaid coverage. Our tax paying dollars should provide us with preventative care. There should be encouragement from the health care plans to change the lifestyle behaviors that drive up cost and demand. The resources that provide alternative medicine is needed to bring down to reduce the cost in the emergency rooms.

  • Yes, health care should be funded by tax dollars.

    The current state of health care in the United States is very poor due to the high costs of health care. With the rise in unemployment, many have to pay for health insurance out of pocket. Health care should be universal and a fundamental human right. Canada and other parts of the world enjoy health care funded by taxes with a system that seems more efficient that our current system.

  • We need a system.

    How is it possible that the wealthiest nation in the world does not have some form of health care for everyone? Why do we allow our citizens to struggle to get by when something bad happens to them? If tax dollars are the only way to make it happen, then I'm all for it.

  • Yes health care should be finance by tax dollars.

    I think that the rest of the world has shown that health care can be and should be supported by tax dollars. A common investment by the people allows for a much better system of care with a much higher level of care, which is something that we all want.

  • Health care should be financed by tax dollars.

    We have to pay taxes anyway, and where are they going? Even low paying jobs have to pay taxes and they can't afford health care. Canada pays for all health care and that system works well. Let our tax dollars go to good use. We will have healthier people, healthier children.

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