• Free Health an American Right

    Simply, let me explain to the American people that free health care is a universal American right. You should have to work and pay taxes but if you get sick and can't care for yourself the Government should step in and provide. Listen, if Obama can pull a rabbit out of a hat and come up with 800 Billion, then the American people deserve free health care. The Government and Federal Reserve control all American currency and can print and provide as much currency as needed. Just like the Pell Grant. The Federal Reserve and the Government can provide. Oh, and let's not forget about food-stamps, SSI, and Section 8 Housing.

  • In civilized countries heath care is available according to need rather than the ability to pay.

    To turn away somebody who is in need of medical treatment simply because they don’t have enough money to pay for it is immoral and unethical. Yes, there is a place for private health care plans whereby people who can afford it can have access to superior hospitals which provide luxury accommodation and fine dining experiences rather than beds in wards and basic meals, but to deny a patient medical assistance because they are too poor to pay for it is something you would normally associate with third world countries, not advanced nations like the United States.

  • Yes, make it free!

    I think everyone is entitled to be able to have free healthcare. I am thankful that I was taken care of under the care of a shriners hospital when growing up, so they covered the cost of my surgeries and hospital stays. If they government can come up with a plan where the staff still makes great money at doing what they love doing, then free healthcare should be available to everyone!

  • Everyone has the right to health care!

    In these corporatized times, many people go without health care because they simply cannot afford the high premiums associated with insurance. Instead, they utilize the emergency room when desperately ill, costing the tax payers more money on the treatment end rather than the prevention end. I firmly believe that if a free health care system were implemented, we would be a healthier and happier nation.

  • Poor people aren't "lazy."

    I keep seeing people in the "no" side claiming that people who can't afford healthcare are "lazy." I've never heard anything so ignorant and privileged.

    What about people who were born into poverty? What about disabled people? They can't afford healthcare.

    Do they deserve to die of treatable diseases? Does ANYONE deserve to die just because they aren't a fully-functioning, tax-paying member of society? NO.

    Just because you had an easy time in life doesn't mean other people did. And even if you started out poor and worked your way to being able to afford healthcare, that doesn't mean other poor people have the same opportunities you did.

    I'm tired of people saying that the amount of money you make defines your worth as value as a person. It DOESN'T. And implying that it does is incredibly ignorant and unfair to poor people, disabled people, and people of color.

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  • We need Health care it's unmoral

    Free health care is just not the fact of giving lazy people the "Right" to be lazy and not work, people complain about paying higher taxes... Is that really the problem here? What about the families who work two jobs and yet still come up a little short for health security.

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  • I say YES

    Healthcare should be free because most homeless people cant afford healthcare. If someone who doesn't have health care gets hurt they would have to pay a expensive bill so that is why it is important to have healthcare free. G g g g g g g g g g g

  • This is America

    This is America! And I love my country. Free healthcare? What next? Full blown communism!
    My forefathers didn't discover this country for it to be ruled by Obama-stalin bin laden. Having free healthcare is basically telling people ''hey, you don't have to work anymore because your health is now free! Broke a leg? Don't worry the TAXPAYER will cover that!''
    Our troops are fighting for our freedom out in the middle east and what are you going to say to them?
    Oh, you can get shot dead and blown up by these anti-american nazi muslims but back home we're giving these same people FREE HEALTHCARE! WHAT SICK, TWISTED IRONY IS THAT?
    America, either you love it how it is, or you can get out.

  • No, Healthcare should not be run by the government!

    Nationalizing healthcare would destroy businesses, wealth, and jobs. Major healthcare providers would be run out of business because of cheaper government run healthcare. And it is completely unfair that our tax dollars should pay for healthcare of someone who hadn't taken proper care of themselves their whole life.
    Keep healthcare private so that individuals will learn to take responsibility for their own lives and not simply take government handouts.

  • It is inconsistent with U.S. Documents

    The preamble of the U.S. Constitution states that it's purpose is to "promote" general welfare, not to "provide" it. The Declaration of independence guarantees the right to "pursue" happiness. Not just the right to happiness. The Bill of Rights lists people's rights that the government cannot infringe upon, not rights the government must provide.

  • The US is Broke!!!

    The country is almost 17 trillion dollars in debt, our national budget comes short 1 trillion dollars ever year. Where do you expect to come up with the money to provide free health care when we are already this far in the hole? The US is dead broke from where we stand right now.

    Posted by: dh07
  • Free Heath Care with destroy the whole economic system

    People with be more lazy if life, they with stop working since they can get free caring from the government. People shouldnt be lazy and should always be trying in life and never be giving up in life. People whom cant pay for their heath care has pretty much given up in life and just waiting for the day of death to come upon them.

  • America come on

    I believe people should have to work for something if they want it. You can't just be a lazy bum and expect good things to happen. YOU have to work for things in life. Yeah it sucks people can't afford health care but you know what, the people who can't afford health care are the people who don't try in life.

  • Not a right...

    I have seen that many people are using the support that it is our "right" as Americans to healthcare. No where in the Constitution or in any Amendment does it state we have a right to free healthcare. We all have the "opportunity" to our own healthcare, earning it and what not. If you want to debate that it is your "natural right" as a human to have healthcare, go ahead. It would not make any sense, but you are free to your own opinion. However, please do not assume something is in our national documents when it does not clearly state so. Also, in regards to the "it doesn't affect anyone else" debate? Evidently, by recent events, you can see that it impacts EVERYONE. The money cannot be pulled from thin air or printed, so it has to come from someone. Like us average, middle-class Americans.

  • No, no, no....

    Healthcare should not be free. So what, now we're wanting to let the government control healthcare... What's next? C'mon people. Let's take a lesson from other countries. Free healthcare = higher taxes, (i.E.) Finland. Why should we, as taxpayers, have to pay for others healthcare. If you don't want to take care of your health, that is your problem, don't try and bring us all in on your own mistakes.

  • Basic care maybe

    Basic life saving care can and ought to be shouldered by a civilized society. The problem in modern society though is between lose perspective as to what is basic, and what is the latest, most expensive diagnostics and treatment. If healthcare becomes totally free like a basic right, then there will be no incentive to innovate new treatments, train to become the best doctors and nurses, etc. Doing these things and gaining these skills do not come free. Everyone who receives treatment should pay at least something, whatever they can, and the more advanced or exotic the treatment demanded, the more should be expected as a copay. "Something for nothing" will get us nowhere.

  • IT CANT BE, but when it comes to obamacare I say absolutely not! Which is not free

    Some countries with universal health care struggle to sustain efficiency. Canada and Australia ranked lowest, according to the Commonwealth Wealth Fund study, in accessibility of physician appointments and wait times for basic medical services, as well as specialist care, tests, and elective surgery. Other efficiency issues noted by the study included Canada's propensity for misplacing medical records and tests.

    Universal health care budgets usually demand successive levies from year to year -- no surprise, since they are funding literally millions of people. For some countries, however, the system is not sustainable, especially in light of the aging population. In Canada, for example, the lionshare of provincial budgets consistently goes to health care. Some provinces spend 40 percent of the total annual budget on health care alone. Funding for other programs like education and infrastructure are continually gobbled up by ballooning health care costs.

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