• Right to life and right to health.

    Some people live in a society in when they are diagnosed cancer, the first thought that comes across is the cost. We live in a fucked up society if that's the first thought. In medical issues that effect someone's life long-term (e.G. Eye sight) or seriously (e.G. Cancer), health care should be free.

    I don't believe in socialism or communism, but human life should have the fundamental right to live a life free of fear of disease or disorders.

  • We should have free health care

    Some people in this world may be really sick but at the same time they might not have enough money to pay for their medical stuff.
    People should not have to be able to pay for doctors or nurses to help them with their health.
    My opinion is that us should stand for whats right in this world.

  • Health care should be free to all the citizens.

    It is precious for us to be healthy because it will be difficult to prevail in the society if we are fragile. I argue that all the residents have the rights to receive health care because all of the citizens pay an important role in our society. We should have a mutual responsibility. It is precious for citizens to realize and know that being healthy is a necessity and the most crucial to survive.

  • Health care is mandatory! Free for all, with some exceptions...

    Health care is something everybody needs. A price should not be put on someone's life, the 2 do not compare. It is a terrible thing that we should pay such large quantities of money to things that may not even help! 64 million Americans cannot afford health care and I believe that that is too much. The prices should either be very small or completely free. I do however think that some people who intentionally do something against their health, should not be given more than 1 unpaid surgery. Ex. If an alcoholic needed a liver transplant, he would receive one. But if after the surgery he kept drinking and drinking and had damaged his liver once more, than his next transplant should require a cost.

  • My opinion.. Why.

    As you know, not everyone can afford medical/insurance. Think about all of the children out there who are sick, and the parents can’t afford to take them to the hospital, they are buying them over the counter medicine, which isn’t working, that child is getting deathly ill. Now the parent is forced to take their child to the hospital and now they have more stress added to their plate, what’s wrong with their child and how are they going to pay for all of the treatments. What if someone has cancer, the treatments are very costly, and I didn’t know money was more valuable than someone’s life. There are some hospitals that will accept people with no medical, and there are some where they will ship you away because you are costing them too much debt. The hospitals that do accept patients with no credit end up sending a humongous hospital bill, with a certain amount of time to pay it off. Common sense is that the person doesn’t have medical because they are short on funds, they have enough money to pay the bills and keep food in their children’s mouths, nothing extra. Also some people, like my grandmother, did not go to the hospital because they did not have medical and couldn’t afford any extra charges, they stay home suffering, until it’s too late and there is no saving them. If hospitals would’ve been free or even twenty dollars a visit, nothing too expensive, she would still be here right now, it’s not fair to my family and I that we lost someone so close to us because of money, and it’s not fair to her that her life is over, because her sickness was too strong. Here’s an example, your five year old daughter, let’s say, starts off with a cough, no big deal, you can just bring her to the store and get her medicine. Two weeks later, the cough is still there, but now she has other symptoms, you keep trying to heal her by giving her soup, a lot of fluid, and medicine, for it to only get worse. Now one day she is in bed and you go to check on her and she’s nonresponsive, you’re shaking her and she’s not budging. Now she’s at the hospital and they are doing all kinds of surgery on her to save her life, where is the money coming from? You know you cannot afford it? What do you do? Ignore the bill and become in debt or lose your house or have your lights turned off because you are paying off a bill by a certain time, with money that you don’t have. Step into the shoes of people who don’t have much the little bit of money they make, just think about how it would be if you don’t have medical, no help or anything, think about it like it was happening to you. Hospitals should be free or a very inexpensive amount

  • Bo way people

    No it should not If health care be free then how can a doctor earn money and make a living? On the other hand many people die each year because they don't have enough money to pay and treat their illness . Then in my idea each government should give doctors an amount of money and of course a place to work in and treat the illness of poor people

  • Health Care Should Be Free For People Who Were Born Here!!

    I think health care should be free because my next door neighbour but one has had 6 heart attacks in the last 2 years, fortunately his hobby is running so he keeps fit so it was easy for him to power through the heart attacks. After his 5th heart attack his wife died from Cancer which he had to pay for the grave, coffin and plot, on top of his 2 grand bill for the hospital he is 84 and now because of all this is in major debt unfortunately.

  • Universal health care is probably the best option

    Government run universal health care is the best way to bring down the costs of health care. On top of that, it frees up businesses from having to find insurance for their employees. It also brings down stress levels in individuals since they don't have to worry about a major illness bankrupting them.

  • Free free free

    Our government isn't God, money is what it is all about. They have great health care we pay for it, but we all get screwed. What are we paying taxes for? They sent all our jobs over seas so people can't make money for healthcare, let alone pay home, gas, food and water and electric. Why do we need a government with people use it as a life time, they should only have a term of 4 years and get out. Most of them are so old they don't worry about peoples health. And with Obamacare they voted without reading it and the supreme court couldn't have read it either. God gave us life and our government is taking it a way. It is a shame that people have to die because they can't get the care they deserve.

  • Free health care

    Free health care, yes, and so if you are for free health care, you are for abortion. Yes, we all should pay for our own insurance if we feel the need to obtain health care--to pay those monthly fees from your employer/insurance carrier. IF we cannot afford health care, we will be unable to make adequate payments in time or even a payment, so we're sent to a collection agency, being called and called for 7 years until the bill is gone--why pay when there's not a huge infraction from not paying the bill?

    Health care should be provided to those who do not have income, are homeless, and cannot support themselves, but if you want to add more taxes to the ballot, paying for your health care, firemen, law enforcement services, and so much more, let's do it!

    You all think you do not pay for other services, but you do; however, this service will make the economy more depressed than it is now, adding more fees by governments to the employer and so forth. HUGE companies need to pay for health care, especially when their CEO's make +$5 Million plus a year--they need to pay for health care...Multicare....

  • Someone has to pay for it

    It will never be free. It can't be. Someone has to pay for it. If you aren't paying for your own heath care someone else is paying for yours and it's not the government. It is some hardworking tax-payer. This is a strange question because there is no such thing as free heath care.

  • No. It should not be free.

    No healthcare should not be free. Providing healthcare cost money. So it is impossible for it to be free. Free for some just means money is taken from someone else to cover those cost and that is not right. Everyone should have to pay for their own healthcare. That would be fair.

  • Why Everyone disagrees.

    Why? Think about it, people say that healthcare should be free because of such cons, the government is rich! Why are we paying taxes?! But they fail to see the bigger picture... If we were to allow free health care then, lemme ask you, " how would doctors and such be paid?" This would make the taxes rise- and not for a little. You must realize that probably the government is paying for it, and with the massive influxe of people going to the hospital the cost would be high. And where is this funded? By the government, and where does the government acquires such money? People. Taxes. Therefore if we were to allow such law to exists it would create a vicious cycle, as the economy would lower.( on another note with more taxes the less likely foreign companies are to join the company, hurting the countries reputation)

  • Its not fair for anyone.

    I understand that is pretty sad that not everyone can afford medical insurance. Common sense is that not everyone has the enough money for it, or the rights to expect some help. But in the other hand many people die, I believe that each one of us has only the enough money or strength for what we can afford.

  • Wtf is wrong with you

    It doesn't need to be free who cares about the children out there that are sick and there parents can't afford health care, who cares? No one just don't worry about it and forget it, trust me. JUST TRUST ME YOU DUM FCKS a a a a a a a a

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  • Free and privatized

    Universality in Canadian healthcare system is strength but it is also a burdone on Government and public. Government healthcare expending is significantly going up and for covering other governmental expenses they increase taxes, transportation cost and so on.... This already affecting lives of Canadians. By allowing some privatization, this burdone can be released, it will reduce waiting time of costly surgeries and indirectly will reduce suffering for many Canadians. Why not let people pay for healthcare services who are ready to pay for it. It will give space to people who can not pay private services and reduce their waiting time.

  • Many can afford it anyway

    Why should people pay taxes to support the free health care system for those who can afford it anyway? Taxes saved after health care becomes means tested could be spent on other things, such as research into better medication, for instance, or into better health education, so as to save the country from a population that is ignorant of what is and what isn't healthy to eat. It could also be spent on free exercise regimes...How about a free zumba session in a mall or a free workout in a park?

  • No it should not

    If health care be free then how can a doctor earn money and make a living? On the other hand many people die each year because they don't have enough money to pay and treat their illness . Then in my idea each government should give doctors an amount of money and of course a place to work in and treat the illness of poor people

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Health care should be free

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