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  • Free Health care

    Health care should be a human right anyway. No one should pay for health care.
    If we had an accident, The health care service should be there to ensure that the peoples injury comes first to heal. No one should be worrying about insurance if they've had an accident, They should feel safe that the health care would be there to take care of them with no cost.

  • THB that healthcare services for all citizens should be fully funded by the government. Because of the different aspect of reasons.

    Assertion one, We can develop a centralized national database which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for doctors. Most doctor's offices maintain a separate record-keeping system. This is why you always have to fill out a lengthy health history whenever you go to a new physician. This is a problem for several reasons. First of all, It's wasteful of both time and money. Second of all, Patients may lie, Forget, Or do a poor job of explaining past medical problems. Doctors need accurate information to make a proper diagnosis. Last of all, Separate systems mean we have a tougher time analyzing data at a national level. A centralized national system would allow us to do data analysis that we never dreamed possible, Leading to medical advances and increased diagnosis efficiency. The main argument against a centralized database is that certain insurance providers may deny coverage if they find certain past medical problems. However, If the government is paying for everything, That should never be a problem.
    Most doctor’s offices maintain a separate record- keeping system. This is why you always have to fill out a lengthy health history whenever you go to a new physician
    ----Jane Yoo 8. 2

  • Health care should be free.

    Everyone is human. Which means that everyone should have equal rights no matter what their class is. People say they coronavirus spreads fast because no one respects the rules of isolating but, How do homeless people get tests or treatment if they don't have money? Health care should be free for people who can't afford it. My mum went to a simple consultation in New York and paid for it 600 dollars! Most people work hard for lots of time to get that amount of money so, How do you think a homeless person can afford that?

  • Health care should be free.

    Healthcare has become outrageously expensive, In most developed nations of the world. For instance, American citizens who do not have health insurance are relatively sure that they will not be able to meet their own health care costs. The same situation in many countries around the world. . . Let’s support healthcare should be free.
    Thank you. . . .

  • Healthcare should be free.

    I am 15 and my mom has brain cancer and we have $6. 7 million dollars in debt for her surgery and we can't pay it. I am really scared and i got a babysitting job to try and raise money. My mom hasn't been feeling herself lately and i hate seeing her like this. Send luck!

  • Healthcare should be free because

    Every single day there are sick children who are fighting for their lives and their parents are in debt with the hospital bill. I live in Canada and we have free health care and its amazing, People EVERYWHERE should have it to! So why only us? Why no one else?

  • It should be free

    People are getting sick every day and some are getting sicker and some people can’t afford the cost and if someone has a serious disease like cancer many can’t afford the cost so yes health care should be free and for everyone because if a poor family has a child with cancer how will they pay

  • I think yes it should be but that's impossible in the world

    I mean no want anyone to resou die hovwer people don't understand that in this world nothing can be free and that someone alywts has to foot the bill what could be achieved is affordable healthcare if a lot of you are in the same country U should pill together start your own insurance company with Less premium then before so you would make money and other won't have problem with that and then you all win

  • Free without exception.

    Without the right to health care, There is no right to life. Everyone should have the unconditional right to life from birth until natural death. (That's a "right", Not an "obligation" -- I support voluntary euthanasia. ) That means health care should be free. No one should go broke from being treated.

  • Badly worded question

    I believe in universal health care and a single payer system. But the question asks if it should be free. In that system it is not free because it is paid for by tax dollars that everyone (in the workforce) would contribute. So it would not be free. It would be like a health insurance plan where everyone is in the pool.

  • Many can afford it anyway

    Why should people pay taxes to support the free health care system for those who can afford it anyway? Taxes saved after health care becomes means tested could be spent on other things, such as research into better medication, for instance, or into better health education, so as to save the country from a population that is ignorant of what is and what isn't healthy to eat. It could also be spent on free exercise regimes...How about a free zumba session in a mall or a free workout in a park?

  • No it should not

    If health care be free then how can a doctor earn money and make a living? On the other hand many people die each year because they don't have enough money to pay and treat their illness . Then in my idea each government should give doctors an amount of money and of course a place to work in and treat the illness of poor people

  • No free health care

    I am no expert on political issues since I am a only teenager but I believe that health care should not be free for everyone. Most people out there who will read this will probably tell themselves that this kid wants some people to go without a necessity of life, they would be wrong. What I do not want is the government controlling the health care. I believe that if a person cannot afford health coverage, that he or she should search for financial aid from the community they lives in. Also, as a member of that community, one should help as much as possible and not blow that person off thinking someone else will help them. I am not a stranger to the people in my community who truly need free health care, many of my friends need it. However, the government has a hard enough time making a website for their health care plan and I, for one, do not want to put my life in their hands.

  • Taxes will raise

    Health care could not be free because it will never be free. Even if we make it affordable to everyone in america it will never be "free" because we will have to find a way to cover the cost... And every indication points to this being covered by taxes being raised.

  • No, health care should not be free.

    Nothing in life is "free." Health care services that a person doesn't pay for might seem "free" to that person, but it is being paid for by someone else. Any good or service that a person receives should be paid for, and the person should now how much it costs. A problem in the American healthcare system is that because of government healthcare (Medicaid and Medicare) and low insurance co-pays, people are completely out of touch with the true and exorbitant cost of healthcare.

  • I do not support it

    You can't have other people paying your fees just because you can't afford them. I believe that there are a lot of ways to cover your health care fees by not having someone to pay it for you. Instead of this the government should lower the cost of healthcare for those who can't afford it. They should also raise a lot of programs regarding healthcare like free check ups so that people would knew their problem as soon as possible for chronic and life threatening diseases that are hard to cure are more expensive. Prevention is the best cure.

  • Not free, Affordable

    I will say no to free healthcare care but yes to affordable. I’m fine with lowering health expenses by 10% but free healthcare, Then you not only took away the doctors paychecks, Now you have to pay your health expenses through government taxes that make up what the government can’t pay. Nothing is free. Would you rather have expensive healthcare, Or free healthcare with high taxes that are used to fuel the healthcare industry? Nothing is free whether you like it or not

  • Health care for everyone

    I personally think that health care shouldn’t be free, Because if it is free, Then people would be going in for a seasonal cough, And would be booked before for example someone with a broken leg, Or cancer. It just doesn’t make sense. Also the doctors would be going in for years of training and eventually wouldn’t get any money because there is no money to give to the staff.

  • Healthcare shouldn't be free.

    1. There isn't a single government agency or division that runs efficiently; do we really want an organization that developed the U. S. Tax Code handling something as complex as health care?
    2. "Free" health care isn't really free since we must pay for it with taxes; expenses for health care would have to be paid for with higher taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense, Education, Etc.
    3. Profit motives, Competition, And individual ingenuity have always led to greater cost control and effectiveness.
    4. Government-controlled health care would lead to a decrease in patient flexibility.
    5. The health-care industry likely will become infused with the same kind of corruption, Back-room dealing, And special-interest-dominated sleaze that is already prevalent in other areas of government.
    Patients aren't likely to curb their drug costs and doctor visits if health care is free; thus, Total costs will be several times what they are now.

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Health care should be free

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